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Dec 15, 2008 10:05 AM

Sushi in Stamford?

Are there any good sushi joints in downtown Stamford?

I've eaten at Fin II a few times and have fund their fish to be very decent for the price but I'm looking for something a little nicer (decor, atmosphere)...I've tried republic and was disappointed and whatever the Hibachi place next to Thirsty Turtle also left me wanting more.

Anything in downtown Stamford to suggest?

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  1. Duo, next to Plateau. Best in town, IMO.

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    1. re: amanda3571

      I second the Duo suggestion! They've got some really yummy sushi!

    2. Consider Kotobuki - right downtown on Summer Street (near UCONN). I travel to Japan several times a year and find Kotobuki's sushi to be, far and away, the most consistent with style actually served in Japan in this area.

      One local sushi place (in Darien) serves their sushi on a bed of ice! And most serve it way too cold, muting the flavours of the fish. Not Kotobuki, which serves it as close to room temperature as possible, which maximizes the taste.

      Ask for the "omikase" and you won't be disappointed, nor will they rob you. A good omikase will be under $30 (and will not be boring "tuna roll" and "salmon sashimi").

      Frankly, the two primary things they are missing re authenticity are that you can leave you shoes on and they use the American-style deep soy sauce dishes. You can ask for a flat plate to do just the thin amount of soy sauce and they will know you are an expert.

      1. If Darien isn't to far, try Matsuri on the Post Road, east of town. The best sushi I've had in Fairfield county in the 14 years I've lived here.

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        1. re: ChefBoyAreMe

          Matsuri is the restaurant that I was referring to - if you get an omikase plate, it's served on ice. You can't taste the fish! Matsuri's premises are certainly more appealing than Kotobuki's, but Matsuri is Americanized sushi, at best. ChefBoyAreMe, if you've not tried Kotobuki, you owe it a try.

          1. re: TomOfCT

            Agree with you 100% Tom. If you appreciate authentic sushi then Matsuri is one to avoid. This was my experience...I can still remember the comedy server routine...hilarious


            I also tried Kotobuki for the first time 2 nights ago. Very good. In a different league to the likes of matsuri...

            1. re: Scotty100

              I think you guy's both sell Matsuri short. While I'll give you it is maybe less traditional (certainly in presentation), I have found the quality of fish and the generosity of the cuts to be unmatched in the area, and that is coming from someone who likes his raw fish straight up in sashimi, rice on the side, if at all.

        2. Although I haven't been in a few years, Ku in Cos Cob (Greenwich) sounds like what you are looking for. Definitely an upscale decor and menu, and very good sushi.

          1. I've gotta suggest Little Tokyo on 123 in Norwalk. Always very tasty and the staff are incredibly friendly.