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malted waffles - malt?

I need some help please!

My husband is obsessed with malted waffles at a local breakfast spot... and I am really hoping to surprise him with a creation at home over the holidays.

We already have the belgian waffle maker - I am just looking for a great recipe and some advice on the malt itself...

I've looked in 2 local stores and haven't seen malt sold - although I must admit, I am not really sure where to look. I've seen malt powder sold on the internet - but exactly what type of malt am I looking for. I seem to remember a "didactic malt powder" - would this be the correct sort?

All assistance is VERY appreciated!

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  1. You can sometimes find malt in the aisle of your super market where they stock drink mixes (instant chocolate, etc.) and I'm sure someone in the store would know where it is stocked. Ovaltine sometimes works well as a substitute for malt powder. Some stores stock malt power in bulk (where you see those bins with plastic scoops for filling little plastic bags)
    About a tablespoon of malt extract is all you need in a typical 3 cup waffle batter recipe so you won't need a lot of it. Figure about a teaspoon per cup of batter as a start with any recipe you're now using that works well.

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      Yup, our grocery stores put the malted milk powder near the Ovaltine. If it's not there, check next to the ice cream toppings, but it's usually near the Ovaltine and Nesquick. It makes tasty waffles, awesome malted milk ice cream, and you can also just sprinkle it over plain vanilla ice cream. It's become a pantry staple in our house!

    2. I've bought malt to make malted shakes at home. In the grocery store, it's usually near the chocolate syrup or ice cream toppings.

      I know there's a bakery in Brooklyn that uses brewers malt in a couple of desserts (available at brewing supply stores), but the proportions may be different, as I think it might be stronger than the ice cream stuff.

      If all else fails, you can buy it online.

      1. You can also get it from King Arthur Flour.

        1. Do yourself a favor and get some of Carbon's Malt pancake/waffle flour. Most of the restaurants use this for their waffles/pancakes. You can find it at Willams Sonoma or sometimes Home Goods or TJ Maxx/Marshalls carries it. It makes excellent waffles( I'm not fond of the pancakes made with it). If you cant find it locally, you can mail order it.

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            Right! The local joint is probably not making their own batter. Carbon's forever!! The easy answer is to buy a case.

            You might buy just one for a trial from Williams-Sonoma

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              We're fans of Carbon's, too. I started out buying it at W-S but if you have a Cost Plus World IMport near you they also carry it for a few bucks less. That's where I get it from now.

            2. Here's another current malt thread:

              I think your best bet is either a malt additive from a baking outfit like King Arthur's, and maltose powder from a healthfood store. But the Carnation drink mix is probably the easiest to find.

              1. Malt powder, aka didactic malt powder, is pure maltose, the sugar you get when you ferment barley. Malted milk powder is maltose plus powdered milk and other ingredients. The two are not interchangeable, so be sure to use what the recipe calls for.

                Locally, San Francisco Brew Craft, 1555 Clement is the only other place I know of that carries it. Don't know where you live, but if there's a place that sells brewing equipment and supplies near you, give them a call.

                You could also use malt syrup, which is just maltose and water. It's a lot easier to find at places like Whole Foods and some health food stores.

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                  I know this is 2 yrs late, but cannot resist: it's *diastatic* malt. My post is didactic; malt isn't. You learn something new every day, tee-hee!

                2. Were you ever able to find that malted waffles solution?

                  1. I realize this is an older thread, but I came across it while searching for more info on waffles. I am obsessed all of a sudden with making the perfect waffle. I use Golden's Pancake and Waffle flour. I got it off Amazon. I also use malted milk powder I got from King Arthur. I have also used the malted milk powder from the grocery store made by Carnation, but it's not quite the same as the one from KA. One trick I found works well is to use buttermilk blend powder instead of buttermilk. I also tried seltzer water and that lends something a bit different. I have a nice supply of sourdough starter and was wondering if anybody had ever tried making malted sourdough waffles? I don't want to waste the stuff with my mad scientist experiments. Just looking for any ideas you guys might have. Thanks in advance - Cheryl