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Dec 15, 2008 08:36 AM

NORFOLK VA Great takeout/delivery/epicurean lunch

Hello. Any Norfolk foodies out there? I have a small office in Norfolk, and I live in MD. We've had a bad year and I couldn't get the nice Christmas outing we've done the last two years. I still want to do something for the staff of 4-6 (we have a couple of telecommuters.) I recall with fond memory my boss ordering in from Balducci's in NYC, and I wondered if I could provide the same experience for reasonable cost, a great sandwich lunch that's not chain-generated. I saw elsewhere in Chowhound re Jewish Mother's, but they don't deliver to Norfolk and they may consider our staff size too small to "cater." We are on Butte Street. Any ideas, kind CHs?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. To be brutally honest, there is nothing in all of Hampton Roads that even comes close to the caliber of Balducci's...but that's just my humble opinion. Being a transplant from New England where I was an hour and a half from 2 of the greatest cities in the US (NYC/Boston), I have not seen anything remotely close to what I remember from up north. Can you tell I'm bitter?? :)

    With that being said, Gourmet Gang has some decent sandwiches and sides, La Bella Italia in Ghent has sandwiches etc.

    That's all I can think of at the moment. I'll let you know if I come up with anything else. Good luck!

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      Thank you. I hope some Chowhound natives can write and let me know they disagree.

      Still, nothing is like NYC, in my opinion. While I've enjoyed living in the DC/Balto/Annapolis area, there is no great deli or bakery around here!

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        As a native NYer, I agree it is near impossible to find a good deli here in Hampton Roads, and let's not even mention bagels. Although, whenever the local food awards come out the 21st Street deli on 21st St. in Norfolk usually wins. They are in a strip mall between Llewellen and Omohundro across from the construction area. I haven't been in a while but I remeber it was good, but not the same as NY delis. If that doesn't work then the La Bella on 22nd St. across from the Market does some really good Italian sandwiches, fresh bread, cheeses, and meats stuff like that. Good luck and happy holidays.

    2. Taste Unlimited on Colley used to have great sandwiches. Have not been there in years, but when in Norfolk I always liked them (and I live in NYC now, and they favorably compared.

      1. I've ordered quite a bit from Gourmet Gang for my office and we've been very happy with their service & food.