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Dec 15, 2008 08:10 AM

Why is it such hit or miss with Casertas?

I just went there for the first time in a while. Now I remember why I quit going! It's hit or miss with the pizza. It's made differently each time and my pizza is pretty simple..cheese, pepperoni and black olives.

Sometimes there's so much sauce it's got little tomato things on the top.
Sometimes the top is dusted with herbs..basil?
Sometimes there's either too much cheese or not enough..
I've had pizza with a hair in it twice before and another time there was a piece of fuz in it. Getting hair in something once would turn most people off for life, but I justified it by going at different times thinking there was different cooks. LOL

Sunday, I went because I was craving that sauce tangy-ness that only Caserta's sauce could cure. Wow was I disapointed!! There was little to NO sauce on the thing! Very thick layer of cheese though. I peeled the cheese off a few slices and there was such a thin line of sauce you could barely taste it. It looked like they just stuck a brush in the sauce and gave the dough a quick swipe/swirl. The dough was also UNDERCOOKED. I think this pizza has to have been the worst one I've gotten there. I even went during a slow time, there were no lines and only 2 other cars in the parking lot and they were inside eating. So what the heck was the problem?

For a place that has been around so long, has so much history and is still doing a good business you would think they'd be more picky about who they hire to make pizza and how they train them. I think most people just go to this place out of tradition and because they grew up on it and are easily satisfied. I can't be satisfied with a pizza that comes out way different each time I order it. I don't like Dominoes but even they have consistency

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  1. I was only there once and it was such a "miss" that I swore I'd never go back. I hated the place, the pizza and the service. The pizza was all cheese, grease and barely any sauce on a doughy crust. A lot a popularity for a lot of crap.

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    1. re: bewley

      You forgot to menton that they've doubled the prices in the last two years. I used to love the place, now I rarely go.

      Has anyone been to Twins Pizza, in North Providence? It sounds similar, and I'm thinking of trying it.

      1. re: winedude

        RE: windude and bewley's comments.....

        My pizza wasn't "doubled in price". It cost $9.15 for a small with pepperoni, cheese and olives. Maybe up a buck or 2 though.

        Everywhere has gone up in prices because of the crap economy. Caserta's wouldn't be much different. But I wonder if instead of going up too much in price, they're just skimping on the toppings? They used to be loaded with sauce and now there's barely any? Like buying a roll of toilet paper for the same price, yet the roll is thinner.

        I've never been to twins.

        1. re: no0b

          I think over 9 bucks for a small pizza is a lot. And, more importantly, about 2 years ago they elimated the large (which was 2 mediums), and now call the form "medium" a large, at just about the same price. So, it's not part of the recent run-up in prices.

        2. re: winedude

          I haven't been to Twins in almost a year, but we've been going there for YEARS - and I have to say, we've never been disappointed.

          I agree about Caserta's...I've been there only a few times, and it was a hit-or-miss kind of thing for us, too.

      2. We've always nothing but tasty pizza from Caserta's. Most recently, my mom bought a mushroom-olive pizza and Wimpy Skippys as a "snack" before Thanksgiving dinner (yes, my mom is nuts!). The crust was perfect and it warmed up nicely throughout the weekend.

        I remember Twins as a kid and thought it was delicious then. Tastes change, of course, but it is similar in style to Caserta's.

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        1. re: digga

          What was the sauce like though? Did you get a thin layer, thick layer, or was it globbed on top with little tomatoe things as a topping?

          They seem to have at least 3 different cooks that make it differently.

          I wonder if they have their better cooks on during the busy times.

          1. re: no0b

            Sauce seemed as usual, neither too think nor thin, but more on the thin side (I don't like really saucy pizza). No tomato things, as far as I can recall. Maybe we always luck out with the "good" cook? Or maybe you just don't like the style of pizza? Should we both try Twins out for comparison?

        2. Tried it once and found it was somewhere in between Friday Pizza in elementry school and Elios........horrid excuse for a pizza. What are people on PVD thinking?

          My only disclaimer is that I grew up on New Haven pizza, this type of pie, Chicago-style and Cali-style pies should be their own food groups. To each their own I guess.

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          1. re: River19

            Yeah..New Haven. I have to try that eventually. I don't mind the drive so much but I don't want to stand outside in a line for an hour by myself . haha.

            I've had "NY Style" at Fat Belly's and not crazy about that. But I also think their toppings are kind of typical. Nothing special about the sauce or anything.

            1. re: no0b

              Aww.....i was there Sunday too, picking up 2 pies for the Cowboys/Giants game....came in a dollar short and she said "don't worry about it, and take Lisa's pie, she never showed up" three pies for 30 bucks and's not Al Forno's my peeps, it's a neighborhood institution and thank god for it, as it slays the chains in taste, price and service and is RI to the core....I'm sure they're probably not as on top of the quality control as they should be, but I've been happy there 99% of the time, and hey, McDonald's is consistent too.

              no0b-- try Modern Apizza in New Haven (white clam pie), I think it's awesome and you won't have the wait like at the Pepe's, etc-- plus it's easy on/off the freeway (95 to 91N, 1 exit, state st, turn rt, it's on the rt...) I call 1/2 hour before I get's a must on my providence-NYC commute---YEAH

              1. re: kpolar

                Yeah, ditto on Modern Apizza. Great New Haven pizza, no drama that you'd get with Pepe's and Sally's. I want pizza without abuse.

                1. re: Zina

                  I’m going to have to agree…….I have had Modern a while back, very good pizza. I was a Pepe’s guy if in that area, but grew up on Venice Ristorante’ in Hamden which has since closed and I lived in Cheshire for years and still go back for Rossinis in Cheshire. Great pies, no drama.

                  1. re: River19

                    I tried Modern. I made a thread about it.

                    Modern was OK, but I like saucier pizzas. Next time I'm in that area I'll probably try one of the other top New Haven places..and order extra sauce.

          2. I'm bumping this thread. I just had Caserta's for the first time SINCE this thread. I took some of the advice on this board and ordered EXTRA SAUCE. And that's what I got. Extra glopped on sauce. It made me remember what was so great about their pizza. I also ordered it "well done" and parts of the crust had that "burnt" look.. just the way I like it.

            On the downside, extra sauce/tomato meant less of the other toppings. There was about a spoon full of olives. There was so few pepperoni that some pieces didn't have any. Kinda gives new meaning to "Wimpy Skimpy" Wimps skimping on toppings. lol.

            Ah well. I was still satisfied.