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Dec 15, 2008 07:57 AM

Georgetown, DE Brunch

Looking for a Brunch spot for Sunday Holiday Brunch for large group, maybe 10-12. We will be in Georgetown visiting relatives and we are looking for as nice a place as possible in the Georgetown/Seaford/Millsboro area. Cocktails a must. Thanks. JCK

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  1. Hey, JCK! Delaware person here and the short answer to your quesry is NO, there is nothing in Georgetown, Seaford or Millsboro that will meet your criteria. You best bet is Lewes or Rehoboth. Lewes is closer, but Rehoboth has more choices.

    Here are some links:

    Good luck and I hope you and your family find a nice place and have a wonderful time here.

      1. I agree with shelly59 - make the drive to the beach area. The Buttery in Lewes has a nice brunch as does Victoria's in Rehoboth. The Clubhouse at Baywoods on Rt. 24 might be good too, but I'm not sure they serve brunch.

        1. Agreed not much in Georgetown but you might check out the restaurant at the airport. Its changed hands recently and not sure if its still called "Lighthouse Landing" but address is 21553 Rudder Lane at 302/ 854-9010. Had lunch there recently and it has a nice view overlooking the runway. Otherwise suggest Nage over on Rt One close Rehoboth for brunch.

          1. There is a new restaurant in Georgetown on the circle!