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Dec 15, 2008 07:37 AM

Seeking delicious NZ cheese plates in Auckland

Hi folks, I'm spending the first two weeks of January '09 on the North Island, starting in Auckland, and traveling through Hamilton, Turangi, Rotorua, Coromandel Peninsula and finally up to the Bay of Islands.

I'm aware of some cheese POIs to the north of Auckland (E.g. Art of Cheese Cafe in Puhoi and Mahoe Cheese Factory in Kerikeri), but would like to commence with the cheese-eating in Auckland.

Any recommended restaurants for a glass of NZ wine and a delicious plate of NZ cheeses?


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  1. There is a Kapiti Cheese place in the new "Stables" area on cnr. Elliot St and Wellesley St. I think they also serve wine . This is a sort of foodie's food court they are trying to start. I think they do cheese Boards - but probably only Kapiti. The other place is the wine loft in Shortland St, city that also does a cheese board and has a pretty good selection of wine. OConnell St Bistro has a cheese Board for dessert and great wine list - though I think you would have to ask if you could just have that.

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      Thanks for the tip -- I had a delicious Kapiti cheese board at The Landing Bar & Restaurant in Kerikeri. Beautiful with a crisp NZ sauvignon blanc. To follow up on my initial post, the Art of Cheese Cafe in Puhoi was a disappointment. The platters are vegetarian-unfriendly and my omnivorous partner wasn't thrilled to eat the accompanying salami slices, etc. There was no option to "make your own platter" from individual cheeses short of buying refrigerated wedges for take-away. Also, the bread to cheese ratio was off; we ran out of bread before finishing our cheeses and had to buy an entire second "basket" of bread in order to get just a couple more slices. In my opinion, places that serve cheese as a centrepiece should be forthcoming with complimentary bread or crackers -- adjust prices if necessary, even.