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Dinner for 30 in LA

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I am looking for a reasonably nice restaurant where I can have a dinner for 30 at the end of January. The guests will be flying in for a wedding but this is just an informal meal for some friends before the big night. Near Beverly Hills would be preferable. Would love to hear your suggestions

Thanks in advance

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  1. What does "reasonably nice" mean to you in terms of cost per person? Ethnic okay?

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      Good question:

      Cost per person would be around $60 - 90. The diners will be reasonably adventurous so ethnic is fine

      1. Take a look at Mako in Beverly Hills:


        Mako Restaurant
        225 S Beverly Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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          Given the parameters and specifics, Mako would have been my first choice as well...

        2. Private room at Comme Ca?

          1. Chez Mimi in Brentwood is great for that... warm and cozy and private. L.A. Farm. ll Cielo.

            1. It is a national chain, but a good one. And it meets the location and price point: McCormick & Schmick's in Beverly Hills. Big enough to host the group, and since they do a lot of lunch and happy hour business a dinner banquet would be welcome. Seafood entrees start just under $20 but almost all are in the low to mid $20s, with some steak and burger options for the nonseafood eaters.

              1. Don't laugh -- I'm recommending The Stinking Rose. Once you get past the garlic theme park decor, IMHO it serves very solid New American food. We had our work Xmas party there last week. Groups of more than 25 diners are restricted to a banquet menu which includes the roasted garlic with fresh bread, 10 different entrees, butter lettuce salad, and a house-made frozen "kustard" (a rich, real vanilla ice cream), soft drinks, tea, coffee ($40 pp; including tax & tip). The entrees were great -- short ribs, prime rib, salmon, chicken, pasta dishes. We had a private room, and even though it was a busy Friday night, they didn't rush us out. Service was excellent. No private entertainment is allowed, but they did let me bring in an a capella group (USC's Reverse Osmosis).

                The Stinking Rose
                55 N La Cienega
                Beverly Hills, CA 90211
                (310) 652-7673