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Dec 15, 2008 07:05 AM

Brunch on North Shore/Huntington Area

Looking for brunch recommendations on Long Island in the North Shore/Huntington area? Optimally I am looking for a nice/upscale brunch but will take all suggestions. Also wondering if anyone knows of any New Years Day brunches? Thanks.

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  1. Have you checked out Toast in Huntington, or Sweet Mama's in Northport?

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      We have been to toast a few times. I liked it fine but my better half was not a huge fan. Optimally I am trying to find a brunch that is a little more upscale. Toast is like a fancier version of a good diner with a little less selection, or at least that is my best description of it. Nothing wrong with it, like I said, but I am looking for something that is a little more special.

      Prime in Huntington has a brunch that looks like it fits the bill. I wonder if anyone has checked that out.

      Sweet Mama's we have not tried. I will definitely put that on my list. Thank you.

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        welll - sweet mama's is probably not what you're looking for either then... my idea of upscale I guess is fancy diner :)

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      1. I see that Portovivo is offering brunch - http://www.porto-vivo.com/data/pdf/br.... Have not tried but sounds more upscale.

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          The place to go is The Bonwit Inn in Commack.

          This is a nice upscale place.

          This is also an all-you-can-eat style brunch.


          Also very close to the LIE