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Dec 15, 2008 06:59 AM

Christmas in Chinatown

After years of begging and groveling, I have finally convinced the family to make the trip to Chinatown for Christmas day dinner. I am partial to Cantonese style seafood restaurants such as Peach Farm, but am interested in any other recommendations that may be good options for the holiday. A place that takes reservations may be ideal, since I assume it may be fairly busy.

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  1. I've always enjoyed East Ocean City. Just a few weeks ago we had a superb whole steamed fish - don't recall exactly what, it was white, mild & perfectly done in a ginger scallion soy sauce - and a few sides. Service & atmosphere are both up to the challenge of a special family meal. Enjoy.

    1. I recommend New Golden Gate. They were extremely busy when I was there last Saturday night. The food is different from my favorite, Best Little Restaurant, but it is good and they offer some wonderful seafood deals.

      I don't know the reservation situation.

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        I second East Ocean City for a big feast. The fried lobsters (with ginger and scallion). Dungeness crabs,m and steamed fish (as described above) are great, and the nonseafood dishes are solid as well.