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Dec 15, 2008 06:56 AM

OLD Broadway Cottage on Bway and 103rd??

Does anyone remember this place - great Chinese food and all the wine you could drink ?? I remember it closed and maybe re-opened elsewhere? Does anyone know? And are there other places like this still around?

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  1. I went there all the time, back in '88-'90. That free wine had a flavor one does not forget. Low-end Chinese food seems increasingly harder to find these days. I know in Hell's Kitchen they're disappearing at a rapid rate.

    1. There's Columbia Cottage on 111 n Amsterdam with the free wine and all but i wwould not call that food good at all.

      1. Even though this is a dated post let me add a note about Columbia Cottage at 111 and Amsterdam. If you dig past the predictable UWS Chinese offerings you'll find a page of Shanghai and Szechuan dishes. They are unusually authentic, complex and sophisticated for any Chinese restaurant north of downtown. Their chef is talented and comes (as I recall) from a mainland Chinese hotel. Order adventurously and you will not be disappointed.