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Dec 15, 2008 06:15 AM

Dessert in East Boston Tonight

Headed to Angela's for dinner, then would like to go somewhere else for dessert. Latin American, Italian, whatever! Just something delicious and different. Would love some suggestions. Did a little searching and saw something about Frio Rico having unique ice cream... is this place a restaurant, ice cream parlor, store? Thanks!

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  1. Relatively fancy, but Ecco might be fun for dessert: you could sit at the bar and order, plus they have full liquor, so you could get a fancy after-dinner drink, too. Cool room, and free parking out back, too.

    1. Angela's has lovely desserts; Spinelli's (in Day Sq) has all kinds of Italian bakery treats (but I think coffee was served only in a paper cup!) but only fairly uncomfortable metal cafe chairs at a couple of tiny tables (and I'm not sure how late they're open); 303 Cafe is not a favorite of mine, but very comfortable, fun setting, and my guess is they'd have also have "fun" desserts (much better then Spinelli's for lingering...). Frio Rico? Haven't heard of it; Globe had a small article on "homemade" ice cream, recently, at Cosas Ricos, a tiny store near Central Square, but they seemed to be similar to ices/helados available at any bodega (coconut, maguey, and other interesting flavors - but better as a treat in the summer, when walking around...)

      1. tres leches cake at el buen gusto
        crema volteada (peruvian flan), mazamorra morada (purple corn pudding), and alfajores (shortbread cookies filled with dulce de leche) at rincon limeno
        tres leches flan at el paisa
        various pan and pasteles from the panaderia at el jardin

        would also suggest some of the bakeries in the area (spinelli's, cucchiello's, lolly's, peach's and cream, etc). frio rico is a small peruvian market with homemade ice cream and a few prepared foods. went back in the summer and they only had american ice cream flavors (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc) available at the time

        1. Not sure if its too late, but Frio Rico has ice cream and a variety of other peruvian desserts, including mazamora and alfajores. For the ice cream, they almost always have lucuma, which I can't describe but that my Peruvian father was thrilled to find in this country.

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            I will have to go there next time I am in East Boston. I've been exploring all sorts of restaurants there recently. Angela's last night was underwhelming. Guacamole lived up to all the hype, but my meal (chicken breast with some sort of green pepitas/pumpkin seed) was mediocre. Was expecting more of an "authentic" atmosphere... disappointed.

            1. re: SaraASR

              What do you mean by "authentic"?

              And where did you end up going for dessert?

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                The cookies at Dough Pizza are fantastic - I just read your review of Angela's - you have to try it again - we love it - its great food. I am also a huge fan of Dough's - great sandwiches and pizza.