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Bundt Pan vs. Tube Pan?

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I have a cake recipe I'd like to make that calls for a bundt pan. Unfortunately, I don't have one (and don't really want to buy one) but do have a tube pan. Will the results be the same? Thanks!

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  1. bundt pan is just a fancier form of a tube pan. Provided the capacity is comparable, the recipe should work fine in your tube pan. Like with all cakes , make sure to test for doneness with toothpick, and other guidelines - dont rely definitively on the cooking time in the recipe

    1. Agreed, use the tube pan. An angel food pan would also work. (Tube pans have a wider, non-tapering center tube. Angel food pans have either solid or removable bottoms, and a tapering tube that extends above the rim. I believe that has something to do with leaving it turned upside down to cool? I also use my solid-bottom angel food pan as a vertical roaster for chicken - if you jam the bird onto the center tube neck end down, the juice from the legs bastes the breast and since they are protected from direct heat, are less likely to overcook.)

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        Martin Yan (Yan Can Cook) uses one to cut the Kernals off corn

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            Them must be very narrow corn cobs to run through a tube, or the tube is bigger than mine.

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              I don't know, but I imagine he doesn't "run" the cobs through the tube, but rather sets the cob on top of the tube, then cuts with his knife down the side of the cob, letting the kernels drop into the pan below. It's like turning a cup upside down inside a bowl, which is how I was taught to cut corn off the cob.