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Dec 15, 2008 05:46 AM

report - one happy canadian!!

Once again, my fellow NY chowhounders - sent me to all the right dining experiences!! (ok, drinking experiences too!!).

I arrived on wednesday at 11:30 and proceeded directly to Tabla and Bread Bar for their tasting menu at lunch. It was PERFECT. I loved it....the food was flavorful, the service was fantastic, and I loved the atmosphere. What a great way to start my trip.

Later in the day, I signed up for a cheese course at Murrays Cheese Store on Bleeker.
Clearly, this was the highlight of my trip.
The mixologist was outstanding...the cheese educator was also superb.
I was in heaven.

After the class, I headed to Blind Tiger for a beer. The place was hopping and once again, I was a happy tourist.

I skipped breakfast coz I was so full from the previous day, but I did manage to go to puerto rico coffee company for the cheapest latte I ever had (i.e $1.50). They told me they distribute to half of they can keep the prices of their latte at a reasonable price. Id say!!

Then I started my food tour of the village at 11:30..(I had previously signed up with NYC food tours). It was a small group...i.e another foodie, myself and the tour guide.
Naturally it was pouring the ENTIRE THREE HOURS...but who cares, I was there for the food and to learn about the history of the village.
Once again, it was fantastic. I got samples of great pizza, great tea, great cookies, great cheese, great olive oil, (you get the picture).
The tour guide was informative and all in all, the tour was a great experience.

After the tour, I headed to the Spotted Pig for a beer. Again, I was a happy camper.

Then I proceed to the chelsea food market - what a charming building with great vendors.
I loved it even though I didnt eat anything. LOL.

Finally..for dinner, I went to momofuku noodle bar, which seemed appropriate seeing as it was STILL RAINING and a big bowl of ramen would be perfect.
However I was still I did manage to have a soya infused egg, the kimich, and the pork buns that everyone on chowhound raves about.
I was really sorry I didnt have the soup..but there was just no way.

I still had one more bar to go..and headed off to Jimmy's no. 43...for yet another beer. LOL.
Once again, chowhound sent me to all the right bars!!

Skipped breakfast...(for a change) I could squeeze in the tasting menu at Jean Georges.
The place was packed at NOON. I sat at the bar..(which i did at all the restaurants)..and enjoyed their three course meal. Indeed it was terrific wasnt as flavorful as I was expecting, but I really cant complain for $27!!

Then, sadly, I had to leave the city!!
Now Im back in Toronto with plans to head to the gym every day!!

Thank you fellow NY chowhounders, for all the wonderful recomendations.
I cant wait to return.

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  1. So glad to hear that your trip went well. Did you eat anything at The Spotted Pig?

    1. Sorry about the weather, but glad to hear you had an enjoyable visit.. Just to be accurate, if you sat at the bar at Jean Georges, you were actually eating in the more casual Nougatine. Perhaps that's why you were a bit disappointed with the food since I've heard others who've had lunch at both say Nougatine is not quite as good J.G.

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      1. re: RGR

        As for the question "did I eat anything at the spotted pig"...sadly, the answer is no.
        I was just too full from lunch. I read many posts about their famous hamburger though.

        As for the comment, that I was eating at "nougatine"....well, I did notice the menu said 'nougatine"..and I thought it was strange but then I saw the cookbook displayed at the bar that was written by jean georges. Is it two separate kitchens.?

        1. re: domesticgodess

          I have heard that they are two separate kitchens for Nougatine and the JG Main Dining Room. Regardless I have dined at both multiple times and I can say Nougatine is quite inconsistent in their food quality. In a good day they will offer everything fresh and delicious, but I have also had my share of overcooked fish or chicken there. I have never been disappointed by the main dining room.

          The menu is also substantially different for the two. The main dining room offers most of the dishes from the dinner menu at $28 for 2 courses and $14 for additional which is different from the $24 for 3 course menu in Nougatine.

          1. re: kobetobiko

            My daughter and her husband made the mistake of confusing the two. They thought they had reserved for lunch at Jean Georges; however, when they described to me where they had sat, I told them it was Nougatine. Their intention had been to do the J.G. bargain prix-fixe, but they didn't realized that it's a different set-up from Nougatine's $24 prix-fixe, which only offers two choices for each course. Since that menu did not appeal to them, they ordered a la carte. They had no complaints about the food, so I guess they lucked out in that regard.

            1. re: RGR

              I just called "jean georges" to verify..and indeed I sat at the bar..which is an entirely different kitchen than jean georges. I cant say Im a happy puppy...why is it so deceiving. You walk into a restaurant that says "jean georges" sit at a bar with a cookbook propped on the bar that says "jean georges"..yet you are sitting in an ENTIRELY different restaurant and serverd by a different kitchen.
              I might even send a letter. grrrrr.