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Dec 15, 2008 05:33 AM

Sushi and Thai - West Palm Beach/Lake Worth Area

The tanking economy has made our search for consistently good restaurants even harder. Places that were OK in the past are definitely going downhill in quality now...

Sushi -
We've tried Sushi Rok and Suite 225 with mixed results. Has anyone tried Ziree in Delray Beach recently? Other options?

Thai -
No luck at all here. Recommendations? (Ziree?)

Thanks for the input! Happy Hunting!

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  1. Just spent 2 weeks in Lake Worth and went twice to Boca to eat sushi and other oriental foods at the AYCE buffet offered at Kyojin (south of Glades Road on west side of Powerline Road). Not sure what you are looking for, but if you want to get your fill of sushi, tempura, and other oriental dishes for $9.95 per person at lunch this is a great deal with good food. Both times we went, the place was virtually full with happy customers. Many varieties of sushi plus seaweed salad, noodle salad, shrimp, mussels, hand rolls, spicy rolls, 4 different soups, a grill for meats to order. Dinner prices are higher, but they add several dishes not on the lunch menu to justify the increase. Try it out.

    1. i do notlike buffets. kyogin at dinner around 20 bucks fantastic food grill for steak and ribs fresh sushi every variety anaga yellowtail whit tuna magoro no toro ika and soups wonderful FRESH always changed cannot lay there and absorb grease GO

      1. I ate at Ziree for lunch today. Actually, I'm there about once every other week for lunch since it's near where I work. I generally eat their Thai food although on occasion will have some sushi. I like their food alot. Sadly, they used to be packed all the time, day or night; but the economy is also having an effect on their business, as well. Now, more often than not, there aren't that many other diners there and a friend of mine who has befriended the owners said they are wondering how long they can survive if this continues much longer.

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          Uh oh... Sorry to hear that. Wish I lived a little closer! Thanks for the info...

        2. The two best sushi restaurants in palm beach county are Sushi Bon, in Lantana, and Sushi Jo, in West Palm on Belvedere. In both cases I recommend sitting at the bar and ordering off the specials board, as they'll know you're serious that way and will serve you the best fish. Fish is unbelievably fresh for sushi and sashimi, but definitely try the soups at Sushi Bon (tilefish head or blue crab or beef miso) as well, and anything that seems a bit strange, like Triggerfish. Local fishermen bring stuff to both places.