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Dec 15, 2008 04:24 AM

Dragon Castle - Sliding Down?

Had dim sum at Dragon Castle yesterday. It's the first time I have been back since Chef Yu left.

The biggest disappointment for me was the garlic, ginger chilli tripe dish. Previously, this had been a spectacular rendition of the classic, bursting with beautifully subtle flavors and textures. It was mediocre and bland this time around.

Pork Shumai were gritty as though the shrimp had not been cleaned properly.

While decently flavored, the XLB contained no soup at all.

Just plain disappointing. Anyone else been lately to confirm or deny this trend? Please tell me this was a one-off bad day, please.


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  1. This is very disappointing news. I was planning to go on Sunday... very keen to hear what everyone else thinks before hand.

    1. went on sunday, highs and lows.
      Cons: Of the four xlb served only one yielded a soupy hit. Curiously the grilled pork dumplings were much more brothy, under their overheavy skins.
      Pros: excellent chicken dumplings served in a rich and numbing szechuan broth, Ma Po Tofu fresh and soft in a luxuriant mix of fungus and chilli, great if inauthentic. Black sesame paste in coconut jelly to finish off was wild, like a peanut butter snowball.
      In conclusion, still cheap, friendly and good value. I never remember having consistently good xlb there anyway, and we now have leung's, which, despite criticism, has only let me down once out of ten to fifteen visits. Look forward to visiting the new spot on lisle street.