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Dec 15, 2008 02:53 AM

We're Back in Love with Mori Sushi...

Hi gang,

I hereby officially retract my previously lukewarm feelings about Mori Sushi, and replace them instead with wholehearted affection and mad props. This stems from an incredible omakase meal we had last Friday night at the sushi bar.

Our itamae: Masa-san (not Mori-san), who treated us like his own family. We had pretty much the best of what's in season currently. The entire staff was friendly and attentive.

Our highlights of the meal:

King Crab sunomono ("kani-su") - 3 different types of seaweed, with generous helpings of crab lump meat.

Red snapper fish broth with pepper - unlike any fish soup I've ever had before. Cozy and homey, rich and invigorating on a cool night.

Awabi (abalone) tempura, with tempura of Santa Barbara uni wrapped in shiso leaf, accompanied by 2 different sea salts. Perfect texture. Delicately fried.

Engawa (fin muscle of halibut) sushi - interesting texture, tasty. I've never had engawa before.

Bluefin toro tartar - Served with pickled vegetable shavings, onion, and scallion - Wow.

Hokkaido uni - Smaller, sweeter, and definitely more delicate than Santa Barbara uni.

Baby barracuda sushi - A delicately smoky aftertaste, much like baby red snapper.

Hokkaido uni handroll, made with Saga nori - This particular seaweed is a prized nori collected in Saga Prefecture, in the Ariake Sea, with a yearly production of only 1000 sheets meeting the rigid standards of the locals. The aftertaste of the nori was strangely and wonderfully sweet, unlike any nori I've had before.

Tangerine jelly dessert, served in its own shell - As refereshing as the famed yuzu drink at Sushi Zo.

... So that's why we're in love with Mori Sushi again.

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  1. Hi J.L.,

    Thanks for the review. :) Glad to hear you enjoyed your visit with Mori last night.

    And yes, their Nori is amazing. Mori-san calls it the best Nori available anywhere (and it's definitely standout). :) I enjoyed my recent visit as well, but I felt their price was a touch high, but otherwise great quality.

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          1. If I may ask did this come close to $150 per person?

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            1. re: Schweinhaxen

              As I recall, the total bill for Mrs. J.L. & myself, incl. tip and 2 small flasks of sake, came out to around $440. We had about 31 "courses" (more like bites) total...