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Dec 14, 2008 11:28 PM

ISO good lunch/dinner btwn Phx and Tucson

Is that even possible?

We're hounds from the Bay Area. Over Christmas we're in Phoenix and our good friends are in Tucson. We both want to get away from the parents and meet somehwere for a good dinner.

Either in-between, if at all possible, which might mean lunch (or early dinner).......OR the huzbin and I will drive all the way to Tucson and spend the night, in which case we'll need to find a good place for dinner.

Any ideas? Budget: under $300 for the four of us...ish.

Thanks in advance. :-)

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  1. There's not a whole lot in between the two cities, but a new mega-shopping center has just opened near Casa Grande. I drove by yesterday, and while I didn't stop and look around, I did see a giant Harkins movie theater and Ah-So Sushi Bistro.
    The mall is just north of the Casa Grande Outlet Mall, so it's definitely closer to Phoenix than Tucson, but not a bad compromise. Let us know if you find anything Chow-worthy.

      1. We live in SF and travel to Tucson 1 or 2x a year to visit my parents. I would definitely go to Tucson for the night. Go to cafe poca cosa, you won't be disappointed. Wake up and go to Tohono Chul Tea room for brunch / lunch on your way back to Phx. Tucson is a nice place to check out, good luck.

        1. While I can't vouch to quality or service I can say I know others who have had this same dilemma; really wanting somewhere between Phoenix and Tucson and choose to go to the Francisco Grande Resort in Casa Grande. They have a couple of dining venues and I know at least is a “nicer” sit down establishment.

          Here’s a link if you want to take a look: