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Dec 14, 2008 09:20 PM

Where do I find a Gift Certificate for Great Food?

Hi, I want to get my brother and his wife a gift certificate for a great meal (not Italian, perhaps Chinese, French or Mediteranean) with a good atmosphere (not stuffy) in the SF Bay Area (they live in Portola Valley). Thanks ahead for your help!!

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  1. If you want fine dining I recommend La Folie. Their prices are more reasonable and it is not stuffy then the other 4-star restaurants in the city and the food is amazing. I recommend going for 4-courses because the chef likes to send out a few gifts from the kitchen making it more like a 6-course dinner! If you are looking for something more casual I would go with Range. Their cocktails are great and so is there food! Good Luck

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    1. I recommend Evvia in Palo Alto for upscale Greek food (just had some great lamb tonight) or The Village Pub in Woodside for contemporary upscale with French & Mediterranean influence. These two are top notch restaurants with lively atmosphere & happen to be close to where they live. In addition there's Zitune in Los Altos, an upscale Moroccan restaurant, which has received favorable reviews on CH though I haven't been.

      Portola Valley is a bit out of the way. Do you know if your brother & wife are the type to stay close by or do they go into SF now & then to dine. Also, what is your budget?

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        Thanks for your input! They do go to SF happily. I would like to spend $100.00. Last time
        I got them a gift certificate for Evvia and they loved it.

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          CH recs in SF:

          Bar Tartine
          Aziza for upscale, contemporary Moroccan (great cocktails)
          Gitane - brand new Spanish restaurant

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            Thanks. Gitane sounded wonderful and their website is fine. Wish I could go, but I am in Bend, Oregon for awhile

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          Zitune is not as lively as Evvia nor Village Pub - definitely do NOT sit in the back room (aka morgue). I like Aziza and your other recs, too. (This got posted in the wrong place; I meant it as a response to ceekskat's 2 posts.)