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Dec 14, 2008 09:05 PM

The Granary in Saskatoon

Went there tonight with my brother and sister in-law. Cost was approx$100 for the three of us, no wine was ordered. The prime rib I had was huge and melted in my mouth. My sister in-law had Digby scallops and red pepper pasta, the scallops were the size and thickness of dimes, not great. My brother had a steak sandwich that was over cooked. For apps my brother and I ordered the escargot in garlic butter, big mistake. Watery and fishy were the comments heard. This used to be one of the best places to eat in Toon town now I don't think its worth the trip unless all you want is the prime rib.

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  1. That's too bad. The Granary is a classic in Saskatoon and can still deliver what I consider an typical dining experience of 30 years ago in the 'Toon. But dining in 'Toon has definitely progressed beyond that with restaurants like Scratch & Weczeria around. That being said, for quirky old school dining one should hit The Cave. Seriously old school Tomato juice is offered as an appetizer alongside the liver & onions in a dining room literally done up like a cave.

    1. Your experience at the G is pretty typical. They do good roast beef, but not much else. I had scallops there that I actually sent back they were so watery, rubbery and chewy.

      I second the rec on the Cave. It is a bit of a time travel experience. But unlike the G, it does turn out good versions of what they do. The Greek-style ribs are good. The tomato orzo soup always great. And I had roast veal the last time I was there and it was very good. Unfortunately, I think it was a special, not a usual menu item.