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Dec 14, 2008 07:37 PM

Hot Dogs! Where can I get the best?

I am having a party and will grill up hot dogs. I want to use the best hot dog out there, I really like the red hots. Does anyone out there have any leads on a company? Doesn't have to be the Bay Area, I will ship the dogs here if I have to. I am only interested in Flavor! Thanks

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  1. Well, in my opinion, the best hot dogs are kosher beef dogs. :) I get packages of foot long kosher dogs at Costco. :)

    (caution: incoming joke) Possibly there are some gold plated high end hot dogs made from gently coddled pigs or cows who have had the New Yorker read to them and daily massages and who are then tenderly rocked to sleep before being slaughtered without the use of any sort of violence then lovingly turned into hot dogs. Those might be better. My hot dog tastes run to the less esoteric. I just like good kosher dogs. :)

    1. I prefer Essem Hot Dogs which can only be found in New England. They're not red hots, but it's the best dog I've ever had.

      1. Welcome to CH.

        You should know what you like and share that with your friends. Don't experiment for a party. Always make food you know is good.

        1. Search the board and you'll find some very lengthy discussion on this topic. My personal favorites at the moment are Pearl "Kountry Klub" brand all-beef hot dogs - I think they're kosher but I'm not positive. About 1/4 pound each, with great flavor and a really nice snap to the casing when you bite into it.

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            2nd these. are they a new england thing? hope not, for everyones sake.

            1. re: hyde

              They are available in Boston area supermarkets.


              And they are kosher-style, not kosher, cuz to get natural sheep casings would be cost-prohibitive (the lower part of kosher mammals are not kosher unless they are processed in a special way - that's why brisket and plate can make kosher pastrami but not round, et cet.)

              1. re: hyde

                They are made just south of Boston in Randolph, MA but I don't know how widely they're distributed.

            2. It really depends on your preference:

              1. In natural casing or skinless? (Personally, I vastly prefer in casing)
              2. Kosher (or kosher-style - which is beef-only and garlicky/mustardy) or not (pork-beef, fairly bland): in other words, is the dog the main event or the carrier?

              You can't get kosher with natural casing for reasons I will omit for brevity's sake. But you can get kosher-style with natural casing and I think those are usually the best option.