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Dec 14, 2008 07:34 PM

Where can I find the Best Hot Dog?

I am having a party and will grill up hot dogs. I want to use the best hot dog out there, I really like the red hots. Does anyone out there have any leads on a company? Doesn't have to be the Bay Area, I will ship the dogs here if I have to. I am only interested in Flavor! Thanks

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  1. Five Dot Ranch at the Oxbow Market in Napa

    For suggestions on hot dogs ouside the Bay Area, it is best to post on the General Board.

    1. I really like the dinner franks from 5 Dot Ranch. Its has a spot in the Oxbow Market Napa. They also have a hot version. Their site says they send meat to Avendanos, Bi Rite and Baron's. Nice snap, good taste.

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        The 5 Dot franks are 1/4 pounders. Marin Sun Farms make a delicious thinner, longer ~7/Pound.

      2. If you've got local suggestions for bestbyfarr, please post them here. For mail order sources, please post on General Topics here:

        1. For me the gourmet dogs either aren't spiced right and/or texture isn't right (too fine, not enough fat). Subjective of course but hot dogs are the original junk food...all the parts that get just ground up.

          I like Vienna or Miller with Vienna making a better red hot and Miller a little more subtle. You can get Vienna (un-grilled) from Top Dog. You can get Millers at Smart and Final. You can also mail order Viennas from Chicago or find a local distributor.

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            In that category, I think Schwarz is the best. I don't know what stores to buy them since I've only had Schwarz when eating at hot dog stands. The ones at the stands have a casing and lots of snap. I think there might be a skinless version in the supermarkets just as Miller's sells a skinless dog. Miller's dogs with casing can also be found at Raley's / Nob Hill.

            Yeah, I had not found a good gourmet dog until 5 Dot. Not one of the meat counters in the Bay Area makes a decent dog. Whole Foods is just pathetic (though the make excellent chorizio and Italian sausage)

            1. re: rworange

              I believe Berkeley Bowl might carry Schwarz but I'm 100% on it. Also there's a wholesaler/retailer on Mission near 14th St (SE corner, near the bus stop) that sells them pretty cheap, if I recall. There was a thread here with about the place, but I can't find it. I think Melanie Wong mentioned it. My mechanic use to be around the corner. They have a Schwarz sign on their non-descript building.

              1. re: ML8000

                I have seen a selection of Schwarz hot dogs & sausages in the packed meat counter at Mollie Stones (California@Fillmore, SF).

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              Also in that category, Saag's makes an excellent beef frank with a snappy natural casing and a hint of heat.

            3. Prather Ranch in the SF Ferry Building has good ones.