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Dec 14, 2008 06:39 PM

Inauguration Party: Need Blue State recipes

Going to an inauguration party and I need your best Blue State recipes ... Any course, and ethnic twist, any recipe ... Should be a great night, and not just the food!
Thanks in advance

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  1. Hard to get any bluer than Illinois this year. How about Chicago Italian Beef?

    1. SoCal is pretty Blue too! How about tamales?

      The great thing about tamales is -- aside from the fact that good ones are so yummy -- that you get them already made and they just take a steaming. Then you can make some great sauces like mole and salsa verde, etc. for your own culinary flourishes and everyone's delight.

      If you're not where you have access to really good ones can I suggest ordering them from Corn Maiden? They ship and they make them either cocktail- or full-size.

      1. I'm not sure on the availability of seafood where you're at, but anything New England-y involving crab, lobster, Old Bay, and the like should go over well.

        1. I think it is absolutely essential and appropriate that, from the blue Constitution State, you have represented our traditional Hartford Election Day Cake.

          Here is one recipe from the CIA:

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          1. re: Steady Habits

            This was my suggestion! :) Being a Nutmeger myself I would agree that it is both essential and appropriate to make this cake. I know my LL Bean Cookbook has a recipe for this as well..but the above link looks great.

          2. state ideas -
            wisconsin cheese platter
            new england clam chowder
            salad with avocado and garlic or oranges (california)
            pizza variations - bbq chicken (or fancy continental like wolfgang) pizza (california) and deep dish (chicago) and thin (ny)
            philly cheesesteaks
            dessert - pie (apple or shoofly or BLUEberry or boston creme)
            starbucks coffee
            a great napa wine