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Dec 14, 2008 05:49 PM

Green Chili NW Calgary now open

Our neighborhood Chinese resto had a water main burst, so we opted for Indian food and went to Green Chili at Crowfoot tonight. They only opened 9 days ago.
A surprisingly nice substitute.

Tiny space, I counted 28 chairs. The owner was on site working, so we had a chance to chat with him. It seems the 17th Avenue location will be open soon, it took them one year to open this NW space.

The menu is very extensive and they will pare that back at this location we were told, there is just not enough space in the kitchen. The kitchen by the way has big windows, so you actually get a chance to see the chefs at work.

Kachumbar salad was good, but not the dish of the day. Shahi Paneer was delicious, we asked for a mild version for our daughter.
Khadai Chicken and Butter Chicken were excellent. Coconut Rice was different from what I had at other places. Very well flavored.

They do offer a buffet for lunch, $15.95, which seems to be a bargain to me. 5 vegetarian dishes, standards like Butter Chicken and other rotating items, a couple of desserts, Naan bread table side.

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  1. Thanks! I think the pressure of opening two new locations at once (which I had no idea was happening- I only knew about the one on 17th) would explain the slow progress on both.

    They finally took down the Filipino "convenience store" sign on17th and the windows are all done, huge, huge improvement over previous. Looks like drywalling is done (or close)- we depart for 3 weeks tomorrow and having Green Chili 17th open when we return would be very nice.

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      You may just be "curried out" for a while after that trip.

    2. Do you have an address or directions on the Crowfoot or 17th location? Couldn't find anything with Google.

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        The 17th Avenue location is on the north side of 17th Ave SW, just west of 14th Street SW.

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          1434 17 Avenue SW

          Suite # 101, 150 Crowfoot Crescent NW
          403-245-2002 (website had same phone number listed)

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            The Crwofoot location is in the same strip mall as the UPS Store Right next to it), Marble Slab Creamery and Crowfoot Liquor.

            1. re: worldwidestuff

              OH WOW! I live right beside one now! I'm so ordering and going to pick it up next time. :) Thank you so much for the info everyone!

        2. Do you know their hours of operation and the buffet times? They're not listed on the website.

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          1. re: Jasz

            Lunch from 11.30am to 2pm and dinner from 5pm to 10pm

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              Thanks. Does that include weekends, Saturdays specifically, or weekdays only?

          2. I live right by the NEW new location on 17th so I should post updates on the construction and such: They have recently installed the interior lights and all the flooring and drywall seems to be done. This is a major transformation for what had been a decidedly dingy filipino "convenience store" and so a to-the-studs reno, so I'm not surprised it's taking to long, but they've made great strides, with brand new windows in the facade and as I mention tons of other interior work. And this is a pretty big space.

            No idea about plans for opening but it can't be too long now.

            1. I must have praised this place too much, my son wanted to try it so we went for dinner Tuesday.

              I really wanted to try the Indian/Chinese food. There are a few (maybe 6) dishes listed on the takeout menu. The menu doesn't have them listed separately but there were a few that had soy sauce in them. Having a firm grip on the obvious we decided to order one, the chili chicken. It was ok but somehow odd in combination with the other more usual Indian foods. When I got my hands on the takeout menu after I saw the list is titled "Calcutta Chinese" and most are variations on a theme ie. chili chicken, chili prawns, chili beef and so on. There is a Hakka noodle dish that might be worth a try but it wasn't on the dining room menu.We should have asked the waiter.

              The food is spicier off the menu than it was at the buffet but may not be spicy enough for the hard-core amongst you. I'm sure they can ramp it up if you ask. There was an Afghani paneer that was amazing. Their paneer is good, fresh, tender and not rubbery but coated with these spices and cooked in the tandoor...words fail me.

              The nan was as good, the tandoor platter was good. We also had a veg plate of appetizers which had pakora and other stuff I forget.

              We ordered too much food but I'm sure son had a good lunch. It's not cheap but not bad. Not sure what the total was. The tandoor platter was around $22 but it was a lot of meat.