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Dec 14, 2008 05:39 PM

Masa in Burlington ? New Jang Su still tasty.

Anyone been to Masa on their opening week? We were in the area and stopped in on Saturday, but the restaurant was packed and was booked for the whole evening. We were too hungry to wait for the bar tables, but were hoping for some feedback. We are in the area often so hopefully it has some nice food and some yummy drinks.

Instead we went to the New Jang Su, and had the mandoo tempura, thick cut beef and short rib bbq all very tasty and left completely stuffed, with some leftover short rib for a lunch the next day.

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  1. I had the pork kimchi bokum at New Jang Su the other day; so delicious I nearly polished off the whole big plate of it (plus rice and banchan), and struggled with that "need a nap" feeling for the rest of the afternoon.

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    1. re: MC Slim JB

      I used to love New Jang Su -- went quite often, but the dirty walls, tattered window coverings, filthy floors, and disgusting ceiling have really turned me off (can you tell?)! These guys make enough $$ to give the place a makeover and a good cleaning.

      1. re: Trixie Too

        I agree - I live nearby and have wanted to try NJS after all the positive comments on CH, but every time I turn into the parking lot it looks so grubby on the outside that I've never dared get out of the car - and I am not by any means a germaphobe.

        1. re: Trixie Too

          Went a few weeks ago with my 10 yr old. While not the loveliest of rooms, it was clean. Shabby, yes. Disgusting, no. We had a great time, btw, and enjoyed our meal.

          1. re: three of us

            Not sure how you can judge a restaurant from the outside. The Asian restaurant with the shabby dining room and great food is a commonplace. I've been eating at New Jang Su nearly weekly with no ill effects, and think its food better than far fancier-looking Korean restaurants like Koreana.

      2. Masa is Woburn on the Winchester line, not Burlington.

        1. A group of three of us tried Masa last night. The place itself is very nice. We opted to sit at the bar which was very pleasant. The bartenders were friendly and professional and the Caparinha I ordered was mixed perfectly.

          Both of the salads we started with were excellent. Very fresh greens, tasty dressings and nice presentation. The small basket of house-made corn bread and one other white bread were very good and they were served with three different flavored butters or sauces to spread on them. Two of us ordered the pork shoulder and the other person ordered the salmon for entrees. While both dishes were good they weren't something we would order again. The pork had a very nice sauce and was served on a bed of delicious mashed potatoes but the pork itself was a little dried out and stringy. We did not have dessert.

          The restaurant just opened a few days ago but the service was very professional, the bartenders were knowledgeable about each of the dishes on the menu and the atmosphere is pleasant. Overall I think I would go back but would have tapas or other small dishes at the bar. It is nice to have another rather upscale restaurant in the area though..

          1. Any new reviews on Masa? I am thinking about going in the next week or so, and am hoping that that is sufficient time for them to work out kinks in the system, if there were any.