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Dec 14, 2008 04:00 PM

Chinese Cooking Class in Randolph?

I'm interested in taking a Chinese cooking class (Sichuan, ideally) in the Boston area (I live in Roslindale), so I've been looking at the courses at BCAE, CCAE and the Cambridge Culinary Arts Institute.

Through my internet searching, I've found an offering (not Sichuan) at Beijing Cafe in Randolph which seems to be run by the owner. Has anyone out there taken this class or know anything about it?

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  1. Beijing Cafe went out of business about a year ago. The space, which was the former home of Kona Gold, is now C&J Cuisine - a restaurant that serves (in my opinion) excellent Chinese and Japanese food.

    1. mathteacher--
      I'm currently reading "Shark's Fin and Sichuan Pepper" by Fuscia Dunlop and would *love* to take a Sichuan cooking class--maybe if there's enough of us we could persuade Chili Garden, Anise or some such place to have a few of us over for a lesson?

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        MaineRed - that would be awesome, SF&SP is part of my inspiration, too!