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Dec 14, 2008 03:44 PM


My wife and I will be staying in Dallas next weekend. Is there any decent bbq around? From reading all of the posts I stumbled across, the answer is no. We don't mind driving a bit. Most of our activities for the visit are during the day. Saturday around Dallas, Sunday around Fort Worth. Anywhere on the outskirts that may make for an ok evening/night drive?


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  1. In Fort Worth there are two places that are reported to be good. I'll let someone else chime in as I've not been to either one. North of Dallas in Van Alstyne, there is a place called The Rib Joint. It's an all you can eat type place, but the food is very good. Also good sides and fresh yeast rolls.

    1. frikinelmo : Dallas is currently in a prolonged BBQ drought . Baby Back Shak is our only legitimate contender , but it's Memphis style que , which means their brisket should not be ordered . Everything else is OK . Since you mention Fort Worth , that is where you should do your BBQ . Angelo's is stellar , and an old time TX BBQ joint . The Railhead is also good, and a bit more "joint" , even though it is a very carefully planned out joint . You will be happy with either Angelo's or Railhead .


        It should be noted that Angelo's is closed on Sunday and it's not in a "pretty" part of town, but don't let that deter you from enjoying their bbq on Sat evening.
        2533 White Settlement Rd
        Fort Worth, TX 76107
        (817) 332-0357

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          I recommend the Railhead in Fort Worth at 2900 Montgomery.

        2. Although totally unremarkable in atmosphere, Baker's Ribs on Greenville Ave. (their best location) has excellent ribs and pulled pork. Their brisket is "OK" provided, you ask for a fatty piece.
          Also, the Spring Creek chain serves very credible BBQ. Not Austin quality but better than, "OK" for Dallas.
          And then of course, there's always the (original) Sonny Bryan's on Inwood. I reccommend the chopped beef sandwich and a beverage. The "famous" (deep fried) onion rings are good. If your body can take the fat.

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            As long as you're on Greenville Ave. (Baker's Ribs, per earlier post) ... drive two miles north to Back Country BBQ. The best brisket, if you like it very smoky, very lean but very tender. One of the best potato salads you will ever find. The nicest overall BBQ "experience" I've found in Dallas.

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              sf chowhounder here on a business trip. i'm getting toted along to a group dinner at sonny bryan's tonight for dinner but i don't eat red meat... no pork or beef. is the chicken worth eating??? help!

              and to make it more complicated, i can't eat dairy... milk, cheese, butter, cream. it's a very sad state of affairs. am i correct in guessing i can't eat any of the vegetable sides or biscuits?

              1. re: artemis

                you'll be ok - there are non-beef, non-pork options that taste pretty good. here's the menu:


                I'd go for the pulled chicken.