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Dec 14, 2008 02:39 PM

Need restaurant for tomorrow nite in SF

Just got a call from an old friend from Japan who will be in San Francisco tomorrow for his first visit and would like us to join him for dinner. I moved to Healdsburg a couple of years and don't know many restaurants in the city. I think that it would be more fun to take him to either a new American, Italian restaurant or seafood restaurant (no Asian). Something that says San Francisco.

We're thinking $$ or $$$ but not $$$$. It has to be open Monday night. His hotel is on Post near Geary if there's something nearby, but we can drive anywhere in SF.

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  1. I have two new American suggestions near his hotel. Canteen is excellent but the menu tends to be limited so it might depend on how open your friend is to new things. Cortez is also very good and has a fun atmosphere.

    817 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109

    550 Geary Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

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    1. re: SFDude

      Canteen was closed Monday nights, but Cortez looks great. Just made a reservation. Thanks.

      1. re: Javagirl

        I think Range or Beretta are more "San Francisco" especially when it comes to the cocktails! Range has a Michelin star and their prices are very reasonable so I would go there. They are both located on Valencia street which is always lively even on a Monday night. Canteen is also great but I am not a fan of Cortez.

        1. re: cupcake7

          Cupcake7, Thanks for the recommendations but we have already set it up with Cortez and it's too complicated to change now. But I'll keep Range, Beretta and Canteen in mind for the future. I went to the Cortez website and their menu looked good to me, so hopefully we'll enjoy the dinner.

          1. re: Javagirl

            I second Range over Cortez. Too bad about Canteen being closed - it's one of my favorites but not always the easiest to get at the last minute.

            1. re: ccmurieta

              Well, we went to Cortez. I have to say that it was perfect for our guest. He could walk from his hotel. He was a clean plate ranger as far as the food was concerned. Since he was jet-lagged and had to work the next morning he wasn't interested in alcohol so a place with cocktails wouldn't have made much of an impression.

              My dinner was fine, not blow-your-mind, but very tasty. I had the kurabota pork with greens and a mustard sauce and something with cranberry. I also had the ravioli filled with rapini and bellwhether farms riccotta. My husband didn't like it so much but it was fine for me. I had the beignets and my husband and our guest had the chocolate truffle cake which we all enjoyed. If I had the choice of going back or trying another restaurant, I'd try another restaurant for something more intriguing. However, I had no complaints about the food and the service was great. Also, there was parking next store, which for people who don't live in the city, was a god-send. Looks like I'll have to try Canteen or Range on the next visit. Thanks for all of your recommendations.

              1. re: Javagirl

                Thanks for reporting back! I'm glad it worked out so well for your guest.