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Bread Pudding

Any twist on a classic New Orleans dessert?

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  1. They do a fabulous banana bread pudding at Middendorf's, if you're willing to drive out there.

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      Thanks, I haven't been to Middendorf's in years. Food was definitely worth the drive. I'll have to try it.

    2. not really a twist, but Luke has awesome bread pudding they cook them individually in the cast iron so the whole dessert has the crispy outside and whiskey ice cream is awesome-no fruit in the pudding which I think is why I love it.

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      1. The most famous twist, and one you may already know of, is Commander's Bread Pudding Souffle. Whoever came up with that one should be knighted.

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          the bread pudding at Deanie's was the best . It was far superior to the famous Commander's Palace bread pudding souffle and way better than the banana bread pudding at Galatoire's

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            The late, lamented Tailgator's in Metairie had a great bread pudding: white chocolate cherry, made with croissants.

        2. La Provence has a great bread pudding.

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          1. Palace Cafe's white chocolate bread pudding!!!

            1. I'm a fan of the 'hood-style bread pudding with canned fruit cocktail baked in it. Lil Dizzy's has a fine version. Something about squishy bits of peach & pear, with the odd maraschino cherry thrown in....I don't even like bread pudding, but I'll eat it with the canned fruit inside.

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                Bread pudding was about the best part of a lunch I had at Lil Dizzy's the other week. Or maybe it was the salad bar...no, it was the bread pudding.

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                  Was the chicken cold? My fave part is usually the fried chicken, though the homestyle gumbo can be good, too.

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                    Rather than the buffet, I actually had a brisket pot roast with brown gravy, veggies, and red beans (one of the Monday specials). You get a trip to the hilarously awesome salad bar with a plate lunch.

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                      The Palace Cafe white chocolate bread pudding is hard to beat.

              2. I am eating Luke bread pudding right now as I am writing this!! So freakin yummy, even after a day :)

                1. I am not much of a fan, but my wife basis some restaurants we go to on the bread pudding. Her favorite is the Bread Pudding PoBoy at Ye Olde College Inn. It is pan fried before serving to give it a little crust. It's served with rum sauce and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. She also likes Luke and the Fairgrounds. She likes the bread pudding itself at Bon Ton Cafe, but says the bourbon(whiskey) sauce is way too strong.

                  Bon Ton Cafe
                  401 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130

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                    ichabodsdad, everything's relative! I recently commented on another blog that the bread pudding at Bon Ton was great until 15-20 years ago, when the restaurant started cutting back on the whiskey in the whiskey sauce. Once upon a time, New Orleans whiskey sauces were stiff enough to take your breath away. No longer. Today's whiskey sauces are actually wimpy by comparison.

                  2. Boucherie has a Krispy Kreme bread pudding that I fell in love with about a month ago. It's super decadent, but incredible.

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                      See, I've yet to have a doughnut bread budding I liked. Sure, the idea's funny, but IMHO, the results are greasy, heavy, and not an especially delicious twist on the classic. Specifically, the one at Boucherie has a bit of a "yuck, fried" aftertaste to me.

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                        I tend to disagree. My husband and I actually commented on how "light" it was for a breadpudding. I've had a ton of breadpuddings that are super dense and this is far from that. Also, Boucherie managed to steer clear of a heavy condensed milk like sauce. As for the fried aftertaste, I will say that the flavors were reminiscent of fried food, but I expected that since doughnuts are fried. Maybe you got a bad batch.

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                          My description was imprecise: the texture isn't heavy, it's the greasy aftertaste of "fried" lingers and lingers. Rather than an eggy, custardy, milky wholesome flavor (like typical bread pudding), the KK bread pudding has a lingering, mouth-coating, fatty flavor. FWIW, every doughnut bread pudding I've tried has the same sort of unbalanced finish.

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                          I wonder if there's a quality control issue with using ingredients from another eatery. I mean, if they're using Krispy Kremes, then the flavor of the dish is going to depend not only on what kind of day Boucherie's chefs were having but what kind of day the Krispy Kreme doughnut makers were having too, right?

                      2. Herbsaint recently had a corn bread pudding with creme fraiche and cherries