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Dec 14, 2008 02:26 PM

Bread Pudding

Any twist on a classic New Orleans dessert?

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  1. They do a fabulous banana bread pudding at Middendorf's, if you're willing to drive out there.

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    1. re: mrsfury

      Thanks, I haven't been to Middendorf's in years. Food was definitely worth the drive. I'll have to try it.

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      1. The most famous twist, and one you may already know of, is Commander's Bread Pudding Souffle. Whoever came up with that one should be knighted.

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        1. re: HalfShell

          the bread pudding at Deanie's was the best . It was far superior to the famous Commander's Palace bread pudding souffle and way better than the banana bread pudding at Galatoire's

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            The late, lamented Tailgator's in Metairie had a great bread pudding: white chocolate cherry, made with croissants.

        2. La Provence has a great bread pudding.

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          1. Palace Cafe's white chocolate bread pudding!!!