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Dec 14, 2008 02:12 PM

Wolfgang's Steakhouse

Went there Saturday night. This is Wolfgang's, the clone of Peter Luger's. No relation to Wolfgang Puck.

Appetizer: Crab cakes and a couple slices of their thick bacon. Crab cakes were light and not particularly crabby. I've had better in places that charged a lot less. Bacon was very good and very filling. These are smoked bacon slices about a quarter inch thick. You could probably make an entree out of four of them. I think they're $2.95 each so that would be a lot cheaper than any steak on the menu and almost as good.

Steak: We had the Porterhouse Steak for two, medium rare. Excellent, especially the filet mignon side. The steak was juicy and tasty and everything you want a steak to be. We took a lot of it home.

Sides: We only had one order of the German Potatoes, which was about right for two people. This is a mix of potatoes and onions and it's really wonderful. I can't think of a potato side dish I've enjoyed more.

Service: Excellent. In fact, it was a little too good with hosts coming by every two minutes to ask if everything was all right, and a bus boy who was too eager to clear the table. This is one of those places that tops off your water glass after every sip.

Price: A little steep. My date had a glass of $11 wine. The whole bill came to $149 plus tip. If she'd realized how big the steak was, she said she wouldn't have wanted an appetizer. The price might not seem so bad if you saw how much steak we took home.

If you want a judge of just the steak alone, the two best I've had in L.A. have been this and Mastro's and I like this place a lot better than Mastro's. Every time I've been to Mastro's, it's too noisy and cramped. Ruth's Chris is fine for what it is and every steak I've ever had at Arnie Morton's has disappointed me. The Porterhouse Bistro is almost as good as Wolfgang's and somewhat cheaper but they have nothing to match the German Potatoes.

I will be going back.

Wolfgang's Steakhouse
445 N. Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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  1. Just went there myself for the 2nd time last Thursday night. Excellent porterhouse for 2, perfectly cooked to order. Stiff dirty martinis. Lump crab cocktail was outstanding. Wolfgang Zweiner's is Peter Luger's West indeed.

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    1. Excellent review. It seems that $11 for a glass of wine in an upscale place is reasonable--what was it?

      1. They have a great lunch menu as well - lower priced (the dinner menu is quite expensive) but still pretty large and inclusive. I was craving tuna tartar, and normally would save that craving for a different restaurant, but I'm glad I went with it. The tuna was fresh, tasty, with lots of crisp cucumber. It resembled a steak tartar. I also had a side of the bacon mentioned above (which isn't thin, crispy bacon, but thick cut-it-with-a-knife bacon.) It may have been a strange combination in retrospect, but both were really delicious.

        I did try a bit of my lunch companions' porterhouse, and it was just perfect....