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Dec 14, 2008 02:12 PM

RIP in 2008

Every year seems to bring about restaurant closings, but this year's been particularly hard, especially the last few months. More places on my "usuals" roster have shut their doors. So here's my list of places I'll miss and thanks to the owners for taking the risk of opening these unique places in a burgeoning Miami food scene in the first place:

Sheba - the only Ethiopian in Miami for a while (although I recently saw a sign at Kafa Kafe near the Design District for Ethiopian dinner - Chowdown anyone?) the place was as much a trendsetter in the Design District as MGFD. Friendly owners and staff, great entertainment and delicious food.

Le Bon - Learned about it's demise Friday when the restaurant was shuttered and the windows covered with posters for the new, expanded Tiramesu. Where to go for mussels and frites on an early Sunday dinner on Lincoln Rd I have no idea, but this place was always the underappreciated little sister of its slutty older sister Tiramesu. GIve they people what they want, and according to Lincoln Rd, what people want is a lot of Italian food. But again, thanks for giving this place its moment in the sun, perhaps in a less touristy area a mussels restaurant can thrive (Midtown anyone?).

Boutique Kitchen - a sign said the place was shut down for a day due to a busted air conditioner. Weeks went by with no opening. Finally the menu was taken down and tables and chairs removed. It was a neighborhood place that my friends were jealous they didn't have in their neighborhood. Good, inventive, homestyle food, excellent prices, friendly owners. Don't know what happened but I wish Jean luck wherever he is.

Pacific Time - yes, it basically moved, but it's not the same. Not that I don't enjoy PT2, I do, but the original PT had its place on Lincoln Rd where it was basically the only fine dining establishment for a while. Gone is the duck but now there's sweetbreads! Guess we made out better with this move.

Domo Japones - I hated this place. The bad service, mediocre food, and huge topless picture of what looks like a barely legal Naomi Campbell made for a place I hoped would be replaced but something better. I think someone may have taken over and redone the spot and I heard the place is doing OK.

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  1. Additional closings some may miss. **edit-I suspect not many**
    smoking rabbit

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    1. re: The Chowfather

      I don't know anyone that'll miss Social and don't know anyone that even made it to Smoking Rabbit!

    2. The folks at Tiramesu said the mussels will be on the new menu.

      1. The Lincoln Road PT closed in mid-2007, not 2008. I vastly prefer PT2.0. And there's still a good duck salad and a 2-way duck entree.

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        1. re: Frodnesor

          Thanks for playing editor. I'll run my posts by you first for accuracy from now on if you don't mind.

          If they've got duck with the scallion pancake at PT2 then I've missed it and am all over it next time I go. Thanks for pointing it out.

          1. re: lax2mia

            No, I've not seen that dish on the PT2.0 menu.

        2. plenty have closed in PBC too

          Mark's in the Park
          Gotham City
          Lox Around the Clock
          New York Deli Diner
          the local Chinese buffet - well it was pretty awful

          expect more to follow before season's over

          1. In the Panhandle-

            Criolla's in Grayton Beach- the restaurant that really started to move the area away from the same old fried fish & shrimp and french fries kinds of menus. Johnny Earles has decided to concentrate mostly on his property management business and use the old building for catering and such.

            Beachwalk Cafe is reportedly not going to reopen after its usual winter hiatus.