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Dec 14, 2008 01:20 PM

gluten free Thai, etc. ???

I recently found out I have celiac disease. It drastically cut my eating out options around here. I'm getting really tired of Mexican. Thai is supposed to be easy to get gluten free, but the yummy Thai place near my house uses soy sauce that has wheat in it. I also have a shrimp allergy, which eliminates most of their curries. I miss drunken noodles. Does anyone know of a "safe" Thai place? Or any other places I could try? I live in Takoma Park/Silver Spring area, but I'm always willing to travel for good food.

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  1. You should check out this link. Also, I believe Java Green downtown would fit the bill for some gluten-free Asian food. I bet if you call a nice Thai restaurant and ask to speak to the manager, he would be able to tell you if the kitchen could accommodate you.

    1. Not sure about Thai restaurants but I know both Firefly and Oyamel (and I believe all Jose Andres restaurants, but you should double check this) have gluten-free menus.

      1. I normally go for Vietnamese food. Always get rice noodles with something or a phad thai dish which contains rice noodles. I've never seen soy sauce in Vietnamese cooking.
        In the UK a lot of Chinese restaurants or takeaways have a few Vietnamese dishes so it's always worth going through the menus to check.

        You might find my blog useful, it's ideas, tips, recipes etc for a wheat free diet -

        1. if you cook thai, that would be my #1 option. learn to cook it and you can make many thai recipes gluten free (including drunken noodles!)

          Vietnamese food is a treasure trove for celiacs- almost the entire cuisine is based on rice, more so than any other cuisine in the world.

          You should try kabob joints- just meat, rice, and veggie curries, etc. Also persian/afghan/indian/pakistani restaurants have alot of gluten free options as long as you don't have any bread with your meal.

          turkish/lebanese/spanish food should also have plenty of options for you.

          eating gluten free will definitely force you to cook at home alot, but you will be better off for it, and you will get to explore alot of different cuisines that you probably wouldn't have otherwise.

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            Ruan Thai up in Wheaton is my favorite place for good thai food.

            Anyway I suspect if you don't go at a peak hour and explain your allergies very clearly to your server you could probably find gluten free dishes at many resteraunts.

            1. re: CoconutMilk

              Be very careful of seasoning, though, at a lot of the "kabob" places. Often these is gluten mixed in if it's pre-packaged.

            2. Oh and Mandalay in Silver Spring, they are very receptive to people with food allergies and they have a variety of dishes served with rice.