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Dec 14, 2008 01:06 PM

Where is your fave NYC haunt?

At the moment, we're thinking Crispo, Nolita house, Bubby's or Blue Smoke.

But as we are from the UK and visiting for a few days, our knowledge of NYE in NYC is minimal!

I would really appreciate recommendations for restaurants that don't require formal attire and around $70pp incl. drink + tip. Preferably no prix fixe menu but this wouldn't be a deal breaker for us.

Also interested in cozy bars with good cocktails - not too hip.

Thanks everyone.

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  1. If you order drinks wisely you could get the 5 course prix fixe at Degustation ($50) or order à la carte and make that budget work. It's pretty much my favorite place to eat for price:quality ratio, and the food is fantastic.
    NB: it is counter seating, so more than 3 people is pretty awkward.

    1. Love Crispo. And you wont be far from Bar and Books for drinks.

      1. I'd say Lupa, but I've never had a cocktail there, only wine (and I find it's closer to $50-60 all inclusive per person). You can always go to Pegu Club down the block for cocktails after dinner, though, although it might be too big and showy for your taste.

        1. By the way, my favorite "haunts" are probably New York Noodle Town and Katz's, but neither of them fit the rest of your criteria.