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Dec 14, 2008 12:56 PM

Cafe East, Deptford, London

A busy Vietnamese place that's been recommended many times here.

The banh cuon is excellent - particularly distinguished by the thin chewy wrappings made from rice flour. Also a good savoury filling of minced pork. Topped with pink chewy slices of cha lua, a Vietnamese pork sausage, bean sprouts and most importantly caramelised shallots. I'd give them a slight edge over Leong Kee's version because of the cha lua.

Pho is very good, excellent broth -- light but flavoursome. The beef was good but nothing mind blowing - I wished some of the slices were a bit thinner, to make them more tender. I like the broth more than Song Que's, but I think Song Que's meat (esp. since they also have a version with tripe) takes the edge. Between the two, I might gravitate towards Cafe East's by a hair.

Che - a sweet drink with red beans and green rice noodles with coconut milk and ice...needed a while for the ice to cool down the bubbling and thin down the starchy liquid. Not bad.

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  1. Spot on observation Limster. The pho beef slices needs to be twice as thin, but the broth is nice and the noodles are properly chewy. I go there for the bun bo hue.

    1. I agree about the beef - and it was difficult to say whether I prefer Cafe East's or Song Que's pho. If Cafe East weren't so far I'd go there often. The banh cuon was definitely another highlight, as the filling was incredibly flavoursome.

      I overheard the last time I was there that the owner plans to move to bigger premises near the Surrey Quays shopping centre sometime after the new year (around Feb).

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      1. re: supercharz

        Does anyone have the address for this place? I've heard a few people mention this place before and given how I'm down that way for a few days next month, I'd like to see if it's worth all the hype I've heard so far.

        Thanks in advance.

          1. re: limster

            ... Deptford, SE8 5DG. A 10 minute-ish walk from Surrey Quays Shopping Centre, 20 from Canada Water. There are buses but can't for the life of me remember which atm...

      2. Cafe East seems to have moved.....Anyone know the new location?

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          I mentioned above that the owner planned to move closer to Surrey Quays shopping centre... maybe the streets near there?

        2. talking of thai in deptford, has anyone tried the thailand opposite goldsmiths? i had the beef lapp the other night and it was really good. nice hot and sour taste. probably could have done with some more mint and thai basil but im a herb glutton. the coconut rice was also very good, but then it's not hard to do.

          1. FYI, they're at 100 Redriff Road (found it using google) - at the corner of the car park of the Leisure area at Surrey Quays. Rice with three incarnations of pork - a pork chop sans bone, well seasoned with soy sauce etc. with a fairly faint aroma of lemongrass; a nice hunk of steamed egg with minced pork, vermicelli, black fungus, richly flavoured and quite garlicky; finally sandy textured pork skin. Comes with the standard sides of pickles and cucumber and nuoc cham - the sweet spicy dipping sauce. Very good overall, though not as stunning as the banh cuon. The dessert of glutinous rice with beans and coconut milk wasn't bad, but perhaps the rice was a shade softer than I would have liked. Doesn't seem like there's any change in quality, although they seem to have a hard time keeping up with the larger crowd in the new space.

            Where they used to be on Lower Road is still a Vietnamese place, run by their relations, with a very similar menu. Vietnamese spring rolls were good - perfect combination of mint and lettuce contrasting the fried richness, crispy skin and savoury filling. Somewhat cheaper than the new Cafe East, and potentially close in quality. Will bear some more trying out.

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            1. re: limster

              I thought Cafe East used to be on Evelyn Street?

              Are there now two locations Limster?

              1. re: Nii

                Woops, my mistake. New location for Cafe East is on Redriff Road. Old location on Evelyn Street is still a Vietnamese place, but run by their relatives (sorry, can't remember precise name of the place in the old location). Apologies for the mix-up.

              2. re: limster

                Ate again at Cafe Pho Momma (the name of the place that used to Cafe East). Banh cuon was more or less like the rendition at Cafe East that I had prior to the move, but perhaps a bit less chewiness on the wrappings and a bit less fried shallots. Not sure if that's more of a day to day variation than any kind of change. Grilled chicken (marinated with lemongrass) on rice was tasty and tender, nice tang from the lemongrass. Compares favourably with Cafe East, has less crowds and is about 10% cheaper.

                A friend of mine mentioned that the new Vietnamese place on Lower Road called Banzi served, among other things, banh mi. The menu is a bit more extensive than Cafe East et al, and noticed dishes more main course-ish dishes like bun rieu (a crab soup) and bo luc lac aka shaking beef. Will probably try them soon.

                1. re: limster

                  Had a decent meal at Banzi recently. Cha nem Vietnam/Vietnamese spring rolls had very good wrappings, nicely puffy and very crispy. The filing was a bit under-seasoned, and it only came with some pickled carrot and turnip, while lacking lettuce, perilla and mint for the added complexity.

                  Canh banh da do consists of a darkish flat fettucine like noodle with good texture - stiff but tender. The menu calls it caramelised red noodles, and they're new to me (would love to hear more about them). The soup stock was a little underseasoned as well, but a pinch of soy sauce and fish sauce rectified it. Comes with minced pork, prawns and some surimi/fake crab, along with the usual basil, bean sprouts, chopped red chilli and a squeeze of lemon (wished it was lime).

                  A dessert of rainbow che was pleasant, beans and coloured doughy bits made from rice or tapioca flour with coconut milk and (probably) palm sugar.

                  It's a notch below Cafe East/Cafe Pho Mamma for what I had, but will probably be back to try additional items like the banh mi, since they have a broader menu.