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Dec 14, 2008 11:01 AM

Best Chili In Austin

After reading the above article I find myself with a deep craving for chili.I've been meaning to get by Whip In after reading Nabs' post a couple weeks ago about their Indian/Texan hybrid version but my bike's on injured reserve so I've been eating close to the house of late.

Has anyone been to Texas Chili Parlor lately? I've never been impressed by the food there but am willing to give it another try.

I know Raymond out at Backstage runs a chili every now and again and it's otherworldly but right now I'm looking for something in Austin proper.

Where are you going for a nice,well seasoned bowl?

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  1. the chili parlour's frito pie is about as good as it gets

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      houston's has yummy chili! i can't remember if it has beans or not, though. but they use leftover and/or "imperfect" steaks for the meat. sooo good. i think it's only on Sat night though. really want to try their chili burger some weekend.

    2. Chef, your post couldn't be any timlier... I just found the best chili in town for you. Here's what you need to do to get it:

      1) either get the hog out of ICU, or make plans to get on the CapMetro 3 bus.
      2) head down to Draught House on a Sunday
      3) find a tall, red-headed friendly fellow named Lane who is now setting up a portable service area on the side of the building under the banner "Judy Bob's Texas Chili"
      4) bring cash

      Here's the catch though... he said that his plan is to be there every other Sunday, so that would mean that his next Sunday will be the Sunday right after Christmas... to which he replied... "hmmm... maybe that might not be a good day to come up here." So it's an elusive operation, but so well worth it. The chili is spiced perfectly, the beef is ground thick for hearty bites, and you get to enjoy it at the Draught House! The roving elders of the parking lot were all raving about it. And I would trust their wisdom.

      I got his number in case anyone wants to get straight to the source and just call: 694-1687. He said that he also does catering, and is looking to open a restaurant at some point.

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        A bit of proximity bias, but I really dig the chili at Billy's on Burnett. Although I find it heretical, my vegetarian sister in law never misses their vegetarian chili when she visits from Houston.

        Also, the chili at Frisco's is delicious, particularly when it is used to drown their enchiladas or the decorated at eggs. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe they use either chunks of sirloin or beef tips, rather than the traditional ground beef. It's a nice variant on the standard ground chuck.

        1. re: jackietreehorn

          "traditional ground beef" ? "standard ground chuck" ?

          you talking Cincinnati chili ?!

      2. I've only been to Texas Chili Parlor once a few years ago but I was definitely NOT impressed. It was simply not my idea of good chili. I would rank it very low on the scale. I guess you have to go just once to say you've been, but that is about it.

        Unfortunately I do not know of any good places in Austin to get chili. I would also be interested in recommendations.

        1. I went to the Chili Parlor about 2 weeks ago, and I really liked the Chili, but I have always liked their chili. I got the XX. It still had big hunks of meat(not ground), no beans, garnished with onions cheese and japs. I went about a year ago, and something has changed. There was always one spice that I couldn't put my finger on, but I didn't taste it last time.

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            Agreed. I love the dive atmosphere and the insanely hot chili at Texas Chili Parlor.

          2. It's been a couple of years, but you used to be able to get chili as a side dish at Poke Jo's on Parmer. It was very authentic...steak, no tomatoes, no beans, spicy. Really good actually.