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Dec 14, 2008 10:57 AM

Chinese Food Court in Flushing (lamb burgers)

This week, I'm finally going to hit up that storied food court in Flushing (the one that has the Xian stall with the fabled lamb burgers). I was hoping that some kind souls could a) confirm the location (is it the "Golden Mall" at 41-28 Main St.?) and also b) recommend anything that I shouldn't miss, other than the lamb burger.
thank you!

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  1. benny the entrance is on the sw corner of main & 41st rd. go down the stairs, make the first right & its on your left. don't worry, the flow of the basement will naturally lead you there.

    they have rickety tables & helpful pictures on the wall of all the dishes.

    the little chopped lamb sandwich is loaded with i think cumin & is a bit messy, but its delicious. you'll need to get a water or soda along with it if you stay.

    and you should stay because you have to make sure you order liang pi along with it, a cold dish with a variety of fine noodles, cilantro and watery/oily red chili sauce that i am absolutely, 100% addicted to!!! in fact its one of my very favorite dishes ever. dip your lamb sandwich in it like a xi'an-er.

    btw the proprietors are all super nice, you have the picture wall to help you order and also what looks to be the head guy and one other woman speak english pretty well so no worries about language barriers at all.

    obviously im a (semi) regular, hope that helped -- enjoy!

    1. Benny,
      Per mrnyc those are two must-have's at the X'ian stall. Also good are the Tiger Vegetables, a salad of parsley, hot peppers, cilantro, sugar and vinegar. It's the same dish that used to be served at the-once great A Fan Ti. And the lamb spine's done up in some sort of five-spice braise is pretty darn good too. I've been going to GSM for about a year now and I find it hard to tear myself away from the X'ian stall, cause it's so damn good. I only just had a soup from the Lanzhou hand-pulled noodle place across the way. Check out this article I wrote for Serious Eats about GSM for more ideas. Happy eating.

      Keep on smokin',
      Joey Deckle

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        Wow I am blown away by that article- I will be using it as a "cheat sheet" - will report back!

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          Well, I had a great experience at the Xian stall the other day, once I found it . I successfully located the stairway leading to the GSM food court, but what I found was a warren of food stalls (reminded me of some of the markets I've been in in Mexico City). I tried to follow mrnyc's directions, and went into what I thought was the Xian stall, only to be met with quizzical looks when I asked for lamb burgers. Luckily, I had printed out Joey Deckle's article, and I was able to match up the pictures with my surroundings and I figured it out :) Anyway, both the cold noodle dish (the noodles were being made before my eyes) and the lamb burgers were incredible, and yes, the people working there are super friendly. I am of course also intrigued by the noodle place across the hall; will have to try it next time, if I can resist the pull of the lamb burger (will have to try the pork variation too).
          I am wondering if either of you can shed some light in the spice combination (aside from the heavy use of cumin) in these dishes. This was actually my first foray into Xian food, and I found myself trying to compare it to the Szechuan dishes I've had at Little Pepper et al...

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