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Dec 14, 2008 10:51 AM

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Hi Folks: Anyone has a good southern style stuffed bell pepper recipe; or can direct me to one online? Thanks,

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  1. just google stuffed bell papers and see what fancies you.
    I stuff poblanos with sausage, golden raisins, walnuts, and onions, use sweet potato pancake mix to bind the stuffing, and season with cardamon, cumin, garam masala and curry. grill the peppers, stuff them, then broil with jalepeno jack cheese on top and finish with cilantro.

    locally, I like the stuffed peppers at Fury's. they do traditional with ground meat and red gravy. call first, as I can't remember what day they do their peppers.

    1. Well, stuffed bells are something there's not so much a recipe as much as a general technique--core the bell peppers, blanch them and stuff them with your preferred rice and meat stuffing, and cook in a pan with some water on the bottom--for how long? WEll, as the Jewish mother said about chicken soup, when asked by the prospective son in law, "until it's done, dummy!"

      As far as the stuffing--I use ground meat, or ground turkey, sauteed, onion, finely diced celery, some bell pepper, sometime some tomato shreds, some salt and some Tony Chacere's. The mixture you adjust toyour taste, and also to whatever you happen to have in the larder at the time, much like jambalaya or shantytown stew.

      Of couse, one question is: do you eat the pepper? Some refuse, I ask what's the point if you don't?

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        I agree. If you don't like to pepper. Why not just put the stuffing in a pan? But thanks a lot. I am going to try and surprise some folks with some Christmas cooking. Besides, I love stuff peppers. Yummmm!!

        1. re: regnell1500

          Even better than stuffed bell peppers are stuffed poblano peppers. They have a little heat to them.

          1. re: therealdoctorlew

            Sounds good since I like spice; but where do you find these peppers. I'm not familiar.

            1. re: regnell1500

              They show up at Fairway Market and at he local Korean supermarket, sometimes at Whole Foods, someties at the local speciality vegetable market. They are a deep dark green, a bit smaller than bell peppers, heart shaped, and only half-hot compared to hot peppers. (Long Island)