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Dec 14, 2008 10:45 AM

SOS Baking Disaster

Yesterday, doing too many things at the same time, I realized that I had used powdered sugar instead of flour in my old recipe for black walnut butterscotch icebox cookies. I tried adding the flour anyway and doing them as drop cookies. They came out sort of meringue-y but not bad, terribly sweet though, so I melted some bittersweet chocolate and put them together as sandwiches thinking that the not-sweet chocolate would counter the sweet. I thought the rescue would be complete if I kept them overnight in a sealed jar with a slice of apple so they wouldn't get too hard but, no dice----today I don't think a beaver or a gerbil could bite into them. Thus now I have a considerable investment of ingredients (half a pound of expensive black walnuts and 3/4 lb of chocolate plus other stuff) so I hate to take them to the park and donate them to the squirrels. I wonder if I could pulverize these rock-hard cookies, soak them in Myers' rum, and do something with them. Any ideas?

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  1. What about crumbling over ice cream? Sounds good to me :)

    1. Try putting some in the food processor and grinding them up. Don't powder them - just see if the smaller pieces can be used as ice cream topping. If they're still too hard, make them into finer crumbs, and use between the layers of a trifle with cake, vanilla custard, and fruit.

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        and maybe use the crumbs instead of graham cracker crumbs to make a cookie crumb pie crust for a chocolate mousse or similar pie or for the crust of a cheesecake.

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          in that same vein, you could probably use the crumbs in a pie or tart crust.

        2. Pulverize, moisten and use as cheesecake crust.

          1. Try adding a couple of slices of bread in an enclosed container instead of an apple and see if that helps. If not, I like c oliver's idea--maybe do it as a mix in and refreeze.

            1. Two words...rum balls. Or two more...bourbon balls. You could pulverize them in a food processor and get into a tasty 80s retro vibe....

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                I agree, they sound like excellent cookie crumbs for rum balls.