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Dec 14, 2008 10:39 AM

Tallahassee: where to go in town for seafood?

On my last visit to Tallahassee, I was disappointed at the continued paucity of seafood options in town. While I absolutely love Spring Creek Restaurant on the coast, it would be nice to be able to stay in town and still find good offerings. I won't step foot in The Wharf because I never liked it back in the 80s and 90s even when they were racking up awards left and right. The Paradise Grill seriously let me down last year where I used to be able to go for a reliably good grouper sandwich (fish tasted old last time). In fact, the best seafood I had while in town were the offerings on the non-sushi menu at Kitcho, and that's not saying much.

So am I out of luck, should I just stick to something like Kool Beanz where there is usually a seafood or two on the menu, or is there anything new and promising to try?

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  1. A lot of folks around here like Crystal River over on Penescola. But in line with your past experiences, try the non-sushi menu at Masa's.

    1. Try the Shell Oyster Bar on South Monroe. It's not fancy, but the fried seafood is great.

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        I second crystal river but i must caution the health concious! Fried hevean!

      2. Any opinions on whether the Seineyard in Woodville is worth it, or at that point might I as well just go to Spring Creek?

        Also - does anyone have differing opinions about the newest incarnation of The Wharf?

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          I have had pretty good food at both the Wharf and the Seineyard recently. I cannot say the same for Crystal River. Just my opinion, but I would go for a filet o fish before eating at Crystal River again.

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            Seineyard pretty good, but only for Florida fried style seafood