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Dec 14, 2008 10:08 AM

(New) Aroma Espresso Bar- W72nd Street

An Aroma Espresso Bar (popular chain in Israel) is opening on W72 (between Amsterdam and Columbus) at the former Straight from the Crate location. I found another location down in Soho (see menupages link below), and the reviews and menu look fantastic. A call to their Soho location yielded a "like in two weeks" estimate for their W72 St. opening.

Aroma Espresso Bar has free WiFi, free delivery, sandwiches with supposedly "great bread", salads, pastries and cookies (including alfajores which are supposedly to die for), a small breakfast menu, iced drinks, and of course coffee, espresso, etc. Reviewers seem to love the coffee and food although some have complained about the portions and delivery.

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  1. I spotted the Houston St location yesterday for the first time (on my way to Ed's Lobster Bar). It looks very nice and sleek. 72nd St needs some new blood, so I hope this place is good!

    1. Anyone know if they have the same frozen iced coffee they have in Israel? I loved that stuff when I was there.

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      1. re: StephInNYC

        steph, i don't know whether the coffee is the exact same as what they use in israel (according to some press reports, it sounds like it is). but the houston st. location does have a frozen ice coffee served under the name "ice aroma".

      2. Soho location is very crowded and busy. Coffee is good. Pastries are OK. Lunch food is better than it has to be. I didn't think the bread was "great" just better than it needed to be. Not amazing but not terrible either. The Soho location has outlets and wireless but plays terrible music, so it's a good place to get some work done if you bring headphones.

        1. nativenyer on the cutting edge of uws food reporting, yet again... :)

          i am actually not a huge fan of their food at all -- it's just generic coffee shop food in nyc -- but the hot coffee and cocoa aren't bad.

          (btw, if you're interested, the inverse is true at georgia's bake shop on 89th and b'way. good to excellent savory dishes, amazing baked goods, but humdrum coffee. i keep meaning to write up some sort of real report for georgia's but so far, i've been too lazy.)

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          1. re: cimui

            yeh, i kinda figured that much about the food but there was a glimmer of hope b/c we desperately need a good sandwich place up here. i suppose GDB should have no worries about this place then. i'll take your word for it, cimui, b/c you know that i think we have similar taste buds, with the exception of the food from earthen oven. : )

            i read great things about georgia's bake shop in one of the local papers a few months ago but haven't tried it yet... too lazy as well!!! ... and i owe so many reviews to this website. sometimes i wish i could hold the screen up to the side of my head so that the words would transmit via osmosis.

            1. re: nativeNYer

              hah, i wouldn't trust the osmosis process to filter out everything that ought to be filtered out of my head. ;)

              i don't mean to bash on aroma's food, actually, and should've tempered my earlier post. the food isn't actually bad, it's just nothing i jump up and down for, personally. they're probably comparable to what you'd pick up at le pain quotidien.

              and as for the lack of good sandwiches... don't burgers (more specifically shake shack burgers) count as sandwiches? =) i wouldn't mind eating those for lunch every day.

              1. re: cimui

                after reading so many of your posts over time, i knew just what you meant re the sandwiches. yes, i love SS but sometimes i just want a regular, old sandwich with good bread - turkey, grilled chicken, etc. ... and i want to walk down the block to get it without all the drama of the shack. le pain is just ok, GDB is amazing (but I only like one of their paninis), and local deli sandwiches are good but sometimes i want something with a bit more ... um... flair. for some unknown reason, i like starwich but we don't have one in my nabe. we are apparently all spoiled; I more so than others. : )

          2. Aroma Espresso Bar (W72 and Amsterdam) opened yesterday.