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Looking for breakfast Taylor, Elgin, Georgetown area. . .

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Having just happened upon this site while web surfing, I am hoping you purveyers of fine food can aid me in my quest. My hubby and I moved to Taylor last year (from Austin) and I am still looking for a good breakfast place that is not a long drive. I am a big fan of the American breakfast (i.e. pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc).
Our present most commonly visited breakfast place is Cracker Barrel (it may be a chain but their pancakes are dang good). However, it is a little far when craving immediate breakfast satisfaction. I had high hopes for the Old TImer's Cafe, little home-converted-into-restaurant up 79 towards Granger, but was disappointed by bland food which I could find in the freezer at H.E.B.
I am willing to travel a bit if the food is worth it so any suggestions in Elgin, Goergetown, Round Rock, or Granger would be welcome and attempted even though my aim is to find a place closer by. Perhaps there lies some undiscovered gem in Taylor.
I am not a fan of Mexican food thus breakfast taco place suggestions will be wasted on me. I know this may be shocking to some of you as even in the short time I've spent going over the posts, I have seen numerous mentions of taco stands and TexMex. Still I hope you will all overlook this flaw and help me out.
Good burger/lunch suggestions would be appreciated as well (we are already quite familiar and fond of Texan Cafe).

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  1. skaw , I'm pretty sure what you want is in Elgin....sorry that I can't think of the cafe's name . However , a search of this board and the Austin board will turn up the name , as the place gets a fair amount of discussion .

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      I think someone else mentioned it - the City Cafe right? I will definately give that a try. Thanks!

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        yes, City Cafe sounds right....good luck .

    2. Try Monument Cafe in Georgetown. The menu is posted on their website: http://www.themonumentcafe.com/

      Monument would certainly be defined as the classic American breakfast. Most of the produce used is sourced from local farms/ranches. AND, service is friendly and fast.

      1. try the java cafe for breakfeast in round rock ,get there early on weekends as its busy .its on gattis school rd and aw grimes.i agree the texan cafe has great burgers as does the little red caboose on 79 in round rock.the monument is good but overpriced in my opinion.the marriott north on 35 in RR has a great sunday breakfeast and a brunch.

        1. Skaw, have you ever been to Manor? There's a place there called the Manor Cafe that has an excellent American breakfast menu. It's about 15 minutes from Elgin towards Austin on the south side of 290 just past 973. If you're looking for bacon, eggs, and pancakes, it's as good as it gets. It's a country place and the people there are really nice. I used to get bisuits with sausage gravy that was homemade. Give it a try some time.

          1. Easy. Donuts for breakfast at Round Rock Donuts, Then, lunch at Louis Mueller's BBQ in Taylor. I'll join you vicariously.

            1. All these places to try *rubs hands greedily* Greatly appreciating the tips!

              1. I have returned triumphment! I tried the City Cafe in Elgin and we arrived just in time for breakfast (they stop serving at 11:00 AM). They have the option of a breakfast menu or on Saturdays (which is when we went) a buffet. We went with the breakfast menu.
                We both had the breakfast special which included pancake or waffle, eggs, hashbrowns, sausage or bacon, and toast or biscuit (all for only 6.50). The pancakes can be regular, blueberry, or pecan. They have a short and tall stack (two or three). The hashbrowns were not what we expected being small squares of pan fried potatoes rather then shredded; however, they were addictingly good with very nice flavor not at all bland as some potatoes tend to be. My husband particularily liked the the sausage which came in two small round patties. The pancakes were good and obiviously fresh as my blueberries were mixed in the batter (from their pattern I could tell they'd been scattered on top of the pancake while it was on the griddle).
                Service was fine; they were nice enough to let us order breakfast even though it was a few minutes past eleven.
                All in all it was a good experience and we will definitely be going back. Best of all - this goodness only cost us 14.80 and that included drinks and a meal upgrade for two. We have heard that their lunch is good too - so must try that soon.

                1. Hi skaw, I live in Georgetown and also accidentally stumbled upon this site...I was actually looking for a recipe for bread pudding using stale Round Rock donuts (fabulous). I know it's been a long time but I am a breakfast nut and wondered if you have run across any other great breakfast places. Is the City Cafe in Elgin still good?
                  Am recommending a tiny little lunch place in Georgetown that has amazing food called Laurie's Too, just off the square. You can also order casseroles to go. It's a little pricey but well worth it. Laurie also writes a recipe column for the local paper.
                  My name is Laurie also...no relation. :)

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                    Sorry to be so long in replying. Yes, the City Cafe is good. We also tried the 290 Cafe but found we liked the City Cafe better. That's usually our breakfast destination. If we're not going to Cracker Barrel that is. . . :)