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Dec 14, 2008 09:44 AM

Big Fluffy Pancake

I gave my son a Betty Crocker cookbook in the early 90's that had a recipe for a big fluffy pancake, almost a yorkshire pudding. He has lost the cookbook and really wants the recipe. My recreations have not quite done it for him. Does anyone have the recipe?

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  1. Search for 'dutch baby', which uses a Yorkshire/popover like batter, but slightly sweetened. Alton Brown included that in his episode on popovers etc.

    1. Also try a search for David Eyre Pancake. It was made in a preheated cast iron skillet in the oven. Adam

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        Yess!! Just did a search and there it was. Apparently popularized by Craig Claiborne. They are delicious w/ a little powdered sugar, preserves or maple syrup. Adam

      2. Looks to me to be a rendition of the German Pancake "Dutch Babies" that my grandmother taught us to make when we were kids.