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Dec 14, 2008 09:39 AM

Five Guys Fries

I know that that just the mention of Five Guys will bring out equal parts of derision and muted acceptance, but we had an experience at the one on Montague yesterday worth mentioning. The fries, ususally pretty good, were exceptional. My wife mentioned that she saw a sign saying the potatoes were from washingon state (instead of the Idaho). They tasted much more like potato, they fried expertly with just the right amount of brown crust.. Much better than usual and worthy of some respect - at least for today

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  1. I LOVE FIVE GUYS. But actually, I've never been too keen on their fries. go figure.

    1. Gotta agree...normally I don't pipe in for "chains" but 5 Guys Fries are bangin'.

      1. No derision here -- I'm a big Five Guys fan. Glad to hear yours were so good. I'll start to pay attention to the potato source.

        For me, the fries have been anywhere from soggy and limp (5 minute walk home in a paper bag) to really good. Sadly, they've never been remotely as good as they used to be at the first few original locations in D.C. Back then, the whole point of going to 5 Guys was the fries -- it was a serious destination.

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          I think the key is to dump all of the fries out of the cup and into the bag as fast as possible. I had a 20 minute car ride home after stopping by Five Guys yesterday and found that the fries I didn't consume in the car were still crispy, even though they weren't hot, when I got home.

        2. If you are traveling through a burger deprived area, I can underztand even considering Five Guys But one get get a much better burger and fries on Montague Street than Five Guys.

          The burger and fries at Teresa's is much better, and about the same price. But you can get the burger cooked any way you like from rare to well done.

          The burger and fries at Height's Vafe is even better, but more expensive. Both make burgers and fries cooked to order. The fries are fresh, never frozen.

          1. My wife and I visited the Five Guys in Park Slope a couple of weeks ago, first and only visit to a FG. Frankly, we just don't get it. We stood on line to order, got our burgers and fries (a really large order) and found a table and dug in.

            Burger was good but the fries were only OK at best, hot and tasty, but not crisp. They were rather limp instead, not really to our liking. Crispiness is essential to a good fry, IMO.

            Our conclusion, based on this one visit, was that FG serves up a decent but not great burger and they could improve on the fries. We didn't really find fault, but if we have a craving for a burger, we'll probably head for a pub somewhere, maybe the Waterfront Ale House.

            I have to say, though, the place was packed. Of course, they are across the street from Methodist Hospital, giving hospital staffers, visitors and patients a real alternative to the really bad hosptial cafeteria slop. But for us it is not a destination place.