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Dec 14, 2008 09:39 AM

Mandoline recomendation?

I wm wondering if anyone can recommend a nice Mandoline that I could get for my wife for Christmas. I've never used one so I thought I'd ask for some advice. Thanks!

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  1. If you have a subscription to Cooks Illustrated, it's worth watching their video on mandolines. Overall, the pricier models didn't seem to be as safe as some of the cheaper ones, nor did they slice as well. Their favorite was the OXO V-shaped mandoline (not sure of the model #), but it was 49.99 (the one in the video was white) and it had two different V-shaped blades.

    1. Here are just a few of many threads on mandolines.

      If you don't find an answer, or have a specific question that hasn't been answered, it might be more helpful to start another thread that's somewhat less general in scope. How experienced is she? How much room do you have to store things? How are her knife skills? How much are you willing to spend?

      1. Got a Costco near you? They've got a real stainless steel Miu mandoline with replaceable blades and a case for about the price of an OXO or Zyliss plastic ones. Being able to replace the blades is major because eventually they all need replacing and the way you replace the toy plastic ones is throwing them out and buying another one. =o

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          Oh, I don't know about that! My Benriner must be at the very least forty years old and still going strong with the original blade. It also juliennes. I've thought about investing in a great big professional model metal mandoline, but between my Benriner and all of the shredding, slicing, dicing, julienne and French fry disks I have for my Cuisineart, I really can't see where I'd be able to do anything I can't do now with just as much ease. But I do think I should invest in a chain mail glove one of these days...

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            Glad you had a different experience. I have a plastic Zyliss v-cutter that was terrific when it was new. And it still works, but after a couple years I can really tell the difference in the ease of cutting and the number of things that get mashed up and lose too much of their juices.

            When the Miu is about the same price, I think it's a much better investment and has better prospects for the future since it can be so easily re-newed.

        2. One of the other threads on here, possibly one of the above, mentioned also geting one of those no-cut gloves. Having sliced off a a fingertip once, I can heartily reccomend that! Maybe that is her stocking this year, instead of a stocking present!<G>

          1. I'd just like to reiterate: according to CI, the more expensive mandolines aren't necessarily the best, nor are they the safest (a key consideration with mandolines). So you should definitely do your research before buying one of these . . .