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Dec 14, 2008 08:49 AM

Any tips for cleaning a burned up pot?

Ever leave your pot on and forget it, so it burns up and turns black... and perhaps other shades as well? I put it on to boil and forgot about it, now I have what seems to be a ruined pot. Is it salvageable? If so, I was wondering how. I don't know if industrial steel wool would do the job, but if so, what grade should I use?

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  1. You do not mention the type metal the pot is made out of. e.g., non-stick, stainless steel, aluminum and etc.

    A trick of many older commercial kitchens is to boil the pots with baking soda......and give a good scrub with a pot scouring pad made of stainless steel.

    1. My bad, thanks for the reminder. It's just a stainless steel pot, no coatings or anything.

      1. Hard to say if its salvageable without seeing it and knowing what it was made of in the first place. I start with a soak in baking soda and vinegar. and lots of elbow grease. But only if it was a durable quality pan to begin with.
        Sometimes filling with liquid and reheating helps too - depends so much - what was the substance burned in the pot??What kind of metal is it???

        1. You might also try oven cleaner if nothing else works. We used to try that on coffee pots that had been left on the burner for too long, and it always did the trick.

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            I use salt and ice for my bad coffee pots

          2. After you soak it and do the baking soda thing, scrub it with Barkeepers Friend, the best ever stuff for cleaning pots, pans -- and even rusty bathtubs! The stuff is magic.

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              I bet barkeepers friend is like Bon AMI - was just coming back to add that is great and works well in this situation

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                I'm in a small town, can't find that product here whatsoever...

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                  I'd use Comet over Bar Keeper's Friend or Bon Ami. It is less abrasive and does a great job. I use it instead of steel wool with some Scotch Brite

                  1. re: Jack_

                    Comet is less abrasive? I never would have thought that... You should have seen my brothers '65 Barracuda after I used Comet to wash it!

                    I still say for burned on stuff, use Easy-Off!

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                      ""I'd use Comet over Bar Keeper's Friend or Bon Ami.""

                      Old or modern formulated Comet? The older comet has a high content of fine silica like of that of hourglass sand. Too much pressure will scratch just about anything. Over time the silica content has been reduced to the point it has been removed from the household grade.

                      Comet with bleach? NOT IN MY KITCHEN! I run a bleach free household.