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Aebleskiver or Ebleskiver recipe needed...

First, is it Aebleskiver or Ebleskiver?

I just bought my first cast-iron abelskiver pan at Tap Phong and tried it out.

I'm excited about the concept, but one site suggested using pancake mix. I made a really nice, homemade apple sauce and put a small dallop or dulce de leche in the middle, but they sucked. I'm sure it's because of the pancake mix.

Does anyone have any tried and true recipes for Ebleskiver?


p.s. also looking for a good recipe for blini if anyone has one of those as well.

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  1. I have the ones my MIL gave me and have never used them so will be interested in responses to this. Mine aren't nonstick. And HOW do you pronounce the word?!?

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        Amazing timing. Just unpacked them a couple of days ago. I'm going to keep repeating this til it's engrained. Thanks MG.

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          My pleasure! I also had to know and lucked out. :)

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          I know there are lots of recipes out there, but I'm looking for one that someone has tried. Here is a link - in response to your question if it hasn't already been answered. http://www.aldenteblog.com/2008/06/pr... I'm not sure if I like the article, or just the photo.

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            Thanks for the pronunciation :) My MIL pronounced them 'able-skeever' and I pretty much knew THAT wasn't right.

        2. Here is a recipe for Aebleskiver. Pancake batter just doesn't seem to work right. You can also buy a mix at www.solvangrestaurant.com that is great. They also have an instructional video on YouTube. Our family has enjoyed these for years and years.

          Traditional Aebleskiver Recipe:

          2 cups buttermilk 2 cups flour

          2 eggs 2 t baking powder

          1/2 t salt 1/2 t soda

          2 T sugar 4 T melted butter

          Separate the eggs. Mix egg yolks and all the other ingredients together at one time and beat until smooth.

          Beat the whites stiff and fold in last.

          Allow batter to set for 20 minutes to let baking powder work.

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          1. It might be just as easy for you to do a Google search for the variations in spelling for Aebelskiver, Ableskiver, Aveleskiver, Ebleskiver, etc. to see all the recipes that are out there; there's a million of 'em. You'll find them with and without yeast. To get started with your new pan, try using a simple pancake mix and reduce the liquid by about two tablespoons.
            Usually the box that the Aebleskiver is when you purchase it has a fairly good recipe to give you an idea on basic ingredients. You'll need something to turn them with - I use an aluminum knitting needle and a "three turn" method.
            Here's a good video:

            1. The W-S website has a bunch of recipes for them (since they sell the pan). I've made the cinnamon roll-filled ones and they are yummy.

              1. When you settle on a recipe (Our traditional one uses buttermilk prettty much like the one provided by momo2bj), it's a trick to turn the aebleskiver in the pan. We tried spatulas, forks, etc., and all were difficult. What turned out, for us, to be the best was a simple chopstick; worked like a charm.

                1. Here's our favorite recipe, which we've been making for many years:


                  2 eggs
                  2 cups buttermilk
                  2 cups all-purpose flour
                  1 tsp. vanilla
                  2 teaspoons baking powder
                  1/2 teaspoon fine sea salt
                  1/2 teaspoon baking soda
                  2 tablespoons sugar
                  1/4 cup melted unsalted butter
                  1 T melted or softened butter (for pan)

                  Separate the eggs and beat whites until stiff but not dry, and set aside. In another bowl, combine egg yolks, buttermilk, vanilla, flour, baking powder, salt, baking soda, sugar, and butter. Beat until smooth, and then fold in the egg whites.

                  Heat an aebleskiver pan over medium heat and brush each depression with melted butter. Pour about 2 tablespoons of the batter into each cup, and, when bubbly around the edges, turn quickly with a long wooden skewer, chopstick, or toothpick, trying not to puncture the balls. Continue cooking, turning the ball to keep it from burning.

                  You can also add half the batter to the pan, add a teaspoon of jam or fruit, then cover with remaining batter. Great with maple syrup. Enjoy!

                  1. This is exactly what I've been looking for. My pan is made of cast iron and I've seasoned it and is ready for cooking. Several days ago I dropped at Williams Sonoma store and they have a book of recipes for Aebleskiver. I just want to use it once in a while and need 2 or 3 different recipes. I'll try the ones here.

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                      I'm thinking of getting a pan as well (this place seems to have every pan made: http://www.aebleskiver.com/index.html and there's also a nice video showing how to bake them) but discovered that aebleskiver in Denmark aren't filled so if you want to be traditional, don't bother with the book.

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                        The ones I just unpacked of MIL's aren't cast iron. I tested them with a magnet. They're a silver tone so I'm thinking some knda of heavy duty aluminum. So I'm wondering if I CAN season them and, if so, how.. Any thoughts?

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                          Interesting that you should ask. I just bought an aluminum omelette pan (awaiting delivery) that's going to require seasoning and the instructions are on their Web page: http://www.potshopofboston.com/Omelet... (scroll down a bit, left side); I bought some rice bran oil to use specifically because of its high smoke point. I'll bet you could use the same procedure on your pan.

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                            That looks like just the thing. I've saved it and I thank you. Rice bran oil? Natural foods grocery or WF perhaps?

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                              Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find it at Whole Foods or at a health food store. I wanted an American brand but wasn't able to find any in a brick-and-mortar store here in NYC but I did find a brand from Thailand (Companion) that's made from jasmine rice and thought that sounded kinda cool. Where are you? There are two American brands, Tophé and California Rice Bran Oil, that are very reasonable and if you live near a vendor, it would be worth your while to pick up some.
                              Instructions for another pan that I need to season call for 1 cm of oil so don't buy anything too expensive. Roland has some from Italy but it was quite expensive for a little tin.

                      2. I bought my pan in Thornhill at the Finish Shop on Yonge and John Street. It's made of cast iron but I think it was overpriced. Looking at Lodge cast iron in U.S. you can get it for less and even with postage the cost would be lower. There are probably stores around Toronto selling cast iron pots and pans and one can order an Aebleskiver pan.

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                            I think it got some good reviews, too, didn't it?
                            That vendor I mentioned carries his own mix which is probably pretty good. I usually like to make things from scratch but the problem is getting a good recipe--a mix kinda eliminates that problem.

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                              Exactly! I love to make things from scratch but....sometimes a mix works just as well.

                          1. I got an ebleskiver pan for Christmas and this is the recipe I used:

                            I used the same batter to fill with either blueberries, mulberry jam or Nutella.

                            1. Today was the day I finally made Aebleskiver and it appears it's not so easy to make those little round balls as they appear in illustrations. One of seven in the pan came out nice and round. There are7 depressions in the pan. I think it may need more fat then what I initially put in. I still have a lot of batter left to practice. The recipe is from one posted here.

                              1. This batch came out perfectly, only problem turning without puncturing the little balls.

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                                  I think I've read chopsticks are sometimes used. Congrats.