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Dec 14, 2008 08:32 AM

Jfood in Delray/Boynton - Any New Recs?

Hey Florida hounds. A little R&R needed so M&M are visiting down south.

His favorites in the past on Atlantic have been Tremontes, 32 east, city oyster.

Anything he should also consider on this trip? Is Dada a place for 2 50's for a dinner? Anything in Boca to consider?

It may be M&M plus MIL so a little creative some nights and a little "down the middle" the others.


BTW - Please order some nice weather. :-))

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  1. I suggest Bamboo Fire on NE 5 th, just a few blocks north of the main restaurant row on Atlantic. Open only about a month and located on a quiet residential street (maybe too quiet). The food is good, not great but it is authentic home cooking style West Indian fare, something not easily found. The mom cooks and the family serves and works the front of the house. The small interior is well appointed and attractive but sitting at a table outside is more comfortable and fun.The mom doing the cooking told me her jerk seasoning and curry mix are her own concoctions and they were both good. They had an delicious roti dhal puri with the curry. They do nice little touches like spiced chick peas as an amuse bouche, and a terrific homemade lemonade that I was told had secret west indian extracts. The menu includes fish, chicken and pork with daily specials You can mix and match by selecting a protein and then a sauce of curry,jerk or escovitch style .They have a selection of Caribbean beers,I don't know the wine situatuon. On a pleasant night ,sitting outside, the place is a bit of an oasis from the crowd and the food is enjoyable. I think jfood would enjoy it.

    1. hi Jfood.
      I am also early 50s so here's what I like.
      Dada's is great. make a reservation for outside under the tree!! I have a 20% coupon spare if you want it!!
      Cabana across the street from 32E, Cuban, super food.
      Gol! on Atlantic - worth it if you are very hungry about $40 a head before drinks but lots of visits to the unbelievable salad bar (also soups, rice beans plantains etc) and the waiters come to your table with as much roasted meats and shellfish (if you eat it) as you can stuff into your stomach.
      New steakhouse called Cut342 or some other numbers which I can't remember. I am going on Wednesday night so can't give you a recommendation yet, also on Atlantic.

      In Boca there is Moquila, I guess Mexican, fab guacamole made fresh and the food very good.
      also in Boca is Chops Lobster House - I went last week. Holy Moly it was fantastic but looked expensive (thank goodness for pharmaceutical reps). I don't eat shellfish but everybody else was tucking in, though I had Dover Sole which was A1.
      New pizza place on Swinton called the Magic Mushroom or something very similar. If you stand at the Colony Hotel and look towards Swinton SE you will see it. Good pizza.

      would love to meet you and your Mrs.

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        I believe you are talking about the Mellow Mushroom. Magic mushrooms are something different.....

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          lol, thanks, for some reason Magic Mushroom comes to mind!

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          Thanks Smartie. Jfood just returned from MN where the weather was -15degrees plus wind. unbelievable.

          Love Cabana, especially sitting outside and people watch.
          Gol is a great idea for Jfood but when M&M jfood were in Agentina at a steakhouse, Mrs had an issue with the salad bar and people cutting meat in front of her. Great pictures though.
          Dadas sound like it is worth a try
          Moquila looks like a great menu.
          Mellow Mushroom - what can you say about a place that has "Kosmic Karma" pizza and Irv's Sausage and Peppers" with deli mustard on the same menu.

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            I went to Cut432 tonight. Good, not bad even. Bet it was horribly expensive.

            weather is currently delightful but this is Florida.