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Dec 14, 2008 08:25 AM

Nineteen Ten: The BEST Burritos in London at the Westfield London!

Has anyone been to Nineteen Ten in the foodcourt of the Westfield London? Their tacos and burritos are superb!

Their barbacoa is the best I've ever tasted. Their steak filling was lovely, juicy and pink when I had it the other week.

Their range of salsas and other fillings are all of a very high quality, as are their freshly made tortilla chips. Oh! And their pinto beans (I haven't tried their black beans) are the best I've had in London!

They're probably my favourite CalMex joint in London now. Anyone else been there and is feeling the love?


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  1. I spotted this place in Westfield after I'd just eaten so haven't tried it yet - however next time I venture to Westfield I shall be checking it out!

      1. re: orangeacme

        Yep, pretty much.

        What were you not impressed by?

        1. re: orangeacme

          Sadly I have to agree with orangeacme... I went a few days after Nomi's recommendation and ordered the tacos, with the chicken, barbacoa and carnitas. By the time I got my food and carried it to a table to tuck in, the tacos were already falling apart thanks to the extremely watery pico de gallo. In fact everything tasted as bland as water - which I could not even believe was possible, even for a 'fast food' joint where usually overseasoning and overcompensating with flavourings is common.

          Guacamole was also tasteless, with no hint of heat, no zingy flavour of lime, very poor.

          I couldn't differentiate between the various meat fillings, maybe a few mild whispers of spice here and there (and this is coming from a supertaster; my palate picks up on anything). Very disappointing overall.

          1. re: supercharz

            Well that's a shame!

            When I went everything I had was superb and zinged with flavour and freshness! I could definitely distinguish between the various meat fillings I had too, as I thought their barbacoa was particularly outstanding. The pico di gallo wasn't watery either.

            Perhaps they're having consistency issues because of the crowds at the Westfield? There was like a mile long queue for Nineteen Ten the other week, which put me off eating there. Perhaps they're cutting corners as a result, which is a pity because the meal I had from there two or so weeks ago was really excellent.

            1. re: Nomi

              Can't beat Tortllla or Chilangos at the moment for good burritos

              1. re: Nii

                i've been to tortilla a couple of times and while it is good i still don't think it satisfies my "chipotle"-esque craving that i've been trying to find whilst living here. any suggestions?

                1. re: felizglfr

                  I personally think Chilango's is better. I had some disappointing burritios at Chipotle in the U.S - dry pork, hard burrito's. It's like a Mexican McDonalds - but I suppose it does the job.

                  1. re: Nii

                    Went to Chilangos last night, and had a really lovely burrito. I've never been to Mexico, or even had Mexican food in the US, so I'm not sure exactly *how* good these things can be, but certainly for shredded pork inside a wrap with black beans and salad, it was very tasty :)

                    I believe they cook the pork sous-vide to keep it moist before frying it, and it certainly shows - the juiciest burrito in London, way better even than the wildly popular burrito van on Whitecross Street in the East End.

                    1. re: monkeytennis

                      I went to Chilangos last night and the burrito I had was possibly the best I've had - stuffed full and very spicy (We had the Chilango (hottest) salsa). I had chicken and my husband had pork, both with pinto beans (I've never tried black beans and not sure if I like them).

                      Nice little place with really friendly staff! Will be back for sure!

                  2. re: felizglfr

                    I tried Tortilla the other week and couldn't believe how similar it was to Chipotle, i almost asked if they were simply the UK franchise of the same company.

          2. Went yesterday. I had the carnitas burrito (with pintos, salsa verde, cheese, and sour cream), which was very bland. It felt like I was eating nothing. My husband had the barbacoa, which was much better. He also had the spicy salsa on his, with black beans. His had much more flavor and kick.
            I got carnitas tacos for my daughter, and they were the same as the burrito.

            We also got the tortilla chips with guac and pico, all of which were very good. The pico was not watery, and the guac had good flavor.

            I think I prefer Mucho Mas or Tortilla for the burrito, but I did like that 1910 didn't nickel and dime me like Mucho Mas does (they charge 75p to sub the mild salsa for the medium one, even on my 3 year old's order. Really?).

            1. Where is Muchas, Tortilla and Chilango please?

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              1. re: cathodetube

                Mucho Mas is on Upper Street in Islington.

                Tortilla - Islington High Street, opposite Angel tube station.

                Chilango - Fleet Street. Possibly a bit of a mission unless you work in the area.

                1. re: DollyDagger

                  Thanks Dolly Dagger. All far from me unfortunately.

                  1. re: cathodetube

                    There's a branch of Tortilla behind the Tate Modern, if that helps at all :)

              2. The original comment has been removed