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Dec 14, 2008 08:20 AM

Sufganyot (Jelly Doughnuts)

Well, it is that time of year again. Where do you chowhounders get your sufganyot? (For those unacquainted with these delights, they are a particularly delicious, must-be-eaten-fresh, jelly doughnut made for Hanukkah.) Do tell!


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  1. Our sufganyot tend to come from Tim Hortons...

    Maybe this year I'll finally make them from scratch.

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    1. re: looz

      Just about any of the Jewish Bakery shops along the Bathurst St corridor north of Glencairn will have them as will Harbord Bakery and I asume the various "What -A-Bagel" shops scattered throughout the City. This will be the first year( in about 10 years!) that I am here for Hanukah...I'll buy them from "ISAAC'S" on Bathurst north of Lawrence since that's where I buy my favourite Challahs as well. Definately eat them(sufganyot) when freshly made or risk that awful Hanukah Heartburn (same goes for "Latkes" another Hanukah treat!)

      1. re: looz

        Oh please please please do not call Timmy's version sufganyot - for the real thing which has to be fried - try the Israeli bakeries which I have found make the authentic Israeli version.

        These bakeries tend to be in the north end of the city and include Planet Bakery on Centre St. (by Dufferin St.) or Goldstein's Bakery on Steeles Ave W. between Bathurst and Yonge.

        1. re: Pizza Lover

          Thanks for the suggestions everyone! Pizza Lover, do you recommend Goldstein's Bakery, in general? I've never been. What do you like there?

          1. re: toveggiegirl

            Last year we found Goldstein's to be by far the best of the bunch we tried - and we tried a whole bunch of places. Goldstein's was producing fresh sufganyot all the time and were generous with their fillings unlike many places that were basically dough with a tab of jelly.

            And if you're looking for freshly baked bourekas (like the many bakeries you'd find in Israel) then Goldstein is your place.

            1. re: toveggiegirl

              I first encountered Goldstein's a few weeks ago. They seem to make everything fresh and their stock both looks and smells good. However, there are some issues. While they carry some dairy items, they seem to be trying to make more and more of what they sell pareve. This means anything needing dairy ingredients to taste really good is compromised. Thus, they make an attractive chocolate babka, with good chocolate, that fails totally as a babka. Ditto their Danishes. You get the idea.

              For items that don't need dairy ingredients, I've tasted some good things. The Israeli baking is, indeed, good. I haven't tasted sufganiot from Goldstein's, but they aren't dairy, so there's a decent chance they will be good.

              1. re: embee

                Goldstein's is located next to Sababa, in case anyone's dropping by.

        2. Isaac's is fabulous and so is United Dairy at Bathurst and Lawrence. There's are delicious!!!

          1. All this talk about doughnuts is making me hungry! Traditionally I've bought mine from Bagel Plus on the north side of Sheppard just west of Bathurst. When I dropped in yesterday I found out they won't be available until Friday. I did try some from Highland Farms on Dufferin north of Finch. At $1.25 each I was disappointed. The donut itself is ok, but the jelly filling, although of significant size, was watery and artificial tasting. Once was enough, I'm waiting for Bagel Plus to bake some in a couple of days.

            1. I had ones from Grodzinski Bakery on Bathurst this weekend. They were great!

              Grodzinski Bakery
              3437 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M6A, CA

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              1. re: furhead

                Second the Grodzinski suggestion - had some fresh on Monday, and they were quite good.

              2. I'm hoping to revive this thread. Where is the best place to get these now, Goldstein Bakery still? Recently tried these for the first time from Kiva's, west of Bathurst/Steeles. I believe they spelled it "suffganiot". Good, better than the average jelly donut. Got a stale one in the bunch though boo, gotta eat fresh!

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                1. re: Little T

                  Ok, so for an "official" suffganiot, the best in the city are still What A Bagel, specifically the location on Bathurst, south of Wilson. BUT...IMHO, the kids (and a lot of the adults) don't usually finish even one and the jelly makes them hard to split in half without making a giant mess and since they are a (very short) seasonal treat, I find them an expensive pastry to throw half out. Instead, for my Hanukkah parties, I get a 40 pack of strawberry filled Timbits...which are essentially the same thing, except bite-sized. I call my local Tim's and pre-order to make sure they are available and since they are baking them for me, they are very fresh. They look gorgeous in a nice glass bowl on a dessert table.