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DC Transplats: Where is Kabob Palace or Ravi Kabob replacements?

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We just moved here from the DC area and are searching for some great Kabobs. The best I've ever had in my life were from Kabob Palace (with Ravi Kabob a close second). Hoping some other DC transplants to Austin have found something similar around here.

Looking for some great Chapli (spicy beef patty), bonless chicken kabob, just baked/grilled flat bread, and whatever the chickpea dish both Kabob Palace and Ravi have that I've never been able to even find a proper name for.

Thanks for any pointers!

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  1. Doubt these are direct replacements, but they are 2 places with that have kabobs.

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      Which 2 places were they? I'll give them a try.

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        Sorry, I edited my reply and deleted the links. Here they are:

        Shandeez Grill. It's located off Anderson Mill road in the NW part of town.

        Alborz. It's located off Anderson Lane, just east of Mopac.

    2. Not a DC transplant but based on the name and kebab name I assume you want an Indo-Pak kind of kebab and not a middle eastern kebab. Shalimar on North Lamar is a Pakistani joint with good kebabs. I like their Bihari kebab best. The Bihari kebab is very heavily spiced and tenderized. Because it is so heavily tenderized it melts in your mouth. Some people might find this a turnoff and want meat with more of a chew to it. They tend to cook kebabs etc. to order and the wait can be quite long.

      I find most of their food to be tasty but VERY greasy so I rarely eat any "wet" food (curries etc.) there. If you can look past the grease the food is tasty. I assume the chickpea dish you allude to is "chole" . Not sure what the best rendition of this is in town.