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Restaurant August

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Just made lunch reservations at August for Friday, December 26. Please give suggestions, tips, what to avoid( if anything), and recommendations.

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  1. Consider a lunch of apps. if they are offering the gnocchi and tempura buster crabs. Lunch menu changes frequently.

    1. Anything with pork belly.

      1. try the gnocchi it's probable on of the best in the city!

        1. Based on my last experience, the tasting menu is a winner. The only thing that I would question/avoid would be the sommelier's pairing, regarding wines. Now, they may have gotten the "hint," and could have upgraded/improved this. Let's hope so. Ask for specifics, and be prepared to do either a few half-bottles from their list, or wines b-t-g. All of the food was excellent to outstanding.


          1. I think they had a special when I was there. Venison three or four ways. I don't "seek out" venison on a menu, but my husband ordered it. I ordered fish and they tried to do a Hawaiian interpretation of it...problem is...I'm from Hawaii. Bad, bad, bad. Hawaii was in the Sugar Bowl last year, so I don't think you'll run into that problem. The venison was excellent.

            1. I have the same reservation. coming in from Austin. can't wait. where else are you eating?

              1. Hey Martinibill! I am not working that day but may be in the Quarter to visit relatives in town. If you want to get together I might get CopCop/Jeeves to come with me. Maybe we could get a Pimm's cup at the Napoleon House? You can pm me at www.ladayrides.com.